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FALL 2022 / SPRING 2023

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  • SAIIE offers the same courses in fall and spring. 



BUSADMIN 3400 Business and Commerce of the European Union (3 credits)
This course begins with a study about the historical roots, the birth and development of the European Union in the last 50 years, analyzing the first treaties and the later ones added in the Union. The different organizations that form the components of the Union and the role of each member state are studied on this course. There is special emphasis on the importance of the European monetary union, the common coin and the main European financial institutions. Also, the course covers the politics and international commercial agreements of the Union and their relationship with the United States.

BUSADMIN 3410 Management of International Business (3 credits)
The course analyzes the complicated world of international business, paying special attention to the cultural and political influences on the business structures of today´s global economy.

There is emphasis on the importance of communication between countries, developing and understanding the cultural values of each nation and their impact on the negotiating process.

All these points will be treated and discussed in the classroom with real cases.

Prerequisite: 1 college level business course.

BUSAD 3430 International Marketing
The basic course provides the student with and introduction to international marketing in the era of globalization. The primary purpose is to understand the needs of global customers and how multinational firms can satisfy these needs with desired products at affordable prices. This course explains the increasing emphasis on economics of scale, technology, and the competitive nature of today’s global companies.

Also students are exposed to several aspects of international marketing. This includes the international marketing environment and the international marketing mix – price, product, pricing, distribution, promotion – as well as emerging issues in international trade such as trading blocks, trade barriers, and standardization/adaptation.


Liberal Arts

ART 3890 Spanish Art (3 credits)
This course consists of a general introduction to the history of Spanish art from prehistoric to current times, explaining and placing the most significant artworks in relation to global art. The course will focus on the diverse cultural influences that have directed the development of Spanish art and students will study critically the modifications that these successive cultures have produced within the mainstream of the general history of art.

ART 3900 Artistic Monuments in Seville (3 credits)
The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the historical, economic, artistic, social and religious parts of Seville through its important and several monuments. Students will study about the monuments and works of art significant in relation to global art.

The city "in situ" is the "manual" of this course, since each visit-class will study several artistic and architectural points of interest. Students will also be able to appreciate the cultural impact that some cultures have left in the city throughout its history. 

LAB FEE: Students will have to pay 80€ to cover all entry fees during the visits.

HISTORY 3310 History of Spain (3 Credits)
This course examines the historical development of Spain from  Prehistory to the present time. It focuses especially on important historic moments, such as Hispania, Islamic Spain, the origins of the Christian realms, the Napoleonic wars, the fall of the Monarchy, and the process of the industrialization. In the last part of the course we will study the Spanish Civil War, the regime of Franco and today´s Constitutional Monarchy of Spain.

HISTORY 3340 History and Culture of Islamic Spain (3 Credits) 
This course is an introduction to the period of Islamic Spain. It will be based on an introduction to the study of the pillars of Islam, their expansion and the arrival of the Muslims in Spain. The course is a study of a multi-ethnic society made up of diverse religions during a period of tolerance towards religion. The course will end with a discussion of how the presence of the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula has influenced and still continues to influence Spanish attitudes and their conceptions of the past.

SOCIOLOGY 3620 Spanish Civilization (3 credits)
The objective of this course is to help the students to acquire an awareness of the different aspects of Spanish culture, history and society in order to enrich their knowledge of Spain and help their integration into a new and very different environment. The aim is to help them understand the complexity of society, economy and culture in Spain. The course also has an emphasis on the cultural aspects of modern-day social life.

SOCIOLOGY 3930 Spanish Folklore and Popular Customs (3 credits)
This course offers the students information about the differences and similarities between regions, festivals and popular customs in different Spanish regions and gastronomy. This information will give a better understanding about the Spaniards, their lifestyle, folklore and customs, therefore making it easier for the student to integrate in the country where they will be living during the semester. It will also help students understand the diversity of Spain´s regions.


Spanish Language and Grammar

SPANISH 1010 Beginning Spanish I (4 Credits) 
This course is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Spanish to become capable of understanding and using common expressions as well as learning frequently used phrases to satisfy immediate needs.

The course is designed to enable students to introduce themselves and others, for them to ask and answer basic information like their address, their personal belongings or people they know all in Spanish. It will also enable students to engage in a basic conversation with a Spanish speaker who speaks clearly, slowly and is ready to help out.

Prerequisite: 0-1 year of high-school Spanish.

SPANISH 1020 Beginning Spanish II (4 Credits)
ESPAÑOL 1020 Español Principiante II (4 Créditos)
– Course syllabus in Spanish
Throughout the course students will be able to demonstrate a limited control of basic grammatical structures. They will be using a series of simple expressions and phrases to describe their families, their friends, their current jobs or from the past. Students will be able to understand the general idea of short, clear notices and messages.

Prerequisite: 2-3 years of high-school Spanish or 1 semester of college-level Spanish.

SPANISH 2030 Intermediate Spanish I (4 Credits)
ESPAÑOL 2030 Español Intermedio I (4 Créditos)
– Course syllabus in Spanish
The main objective of the course is for students to be capable of understanding frequently used expressions and phrases related to an area of expertise where they are relevant. They will know how to communicate simple ideas and their daily routines that don´t require more than an easy exchange of information on matters that are common to them.

Students will know how to describe basic actions in the past and their surroundings as well as any matter related to an immediate need.

Prerequisite: 3-4 years of high-school Spanish or 2 semesters of college-level Spanish.

SPANISH 2040 Intermediate Spanish II (4 Credits)
ESPAÑOL 2040 Español Intermedio II (4 Créditos) – Course syllabus in Spanish
Students in this course are capable of understanding the main topics in texts and in spoken Spanish if they have knowledge on the topic of the conversation- whether it´s work-related, school-related or socially related.

Students will know how to handle most situations where Spanish will be used. Students will be able to write simple and coherent texts on topics that are familiar to them or of personal interest. Students will be able to describe experiences, events, wishes and ambitions as well as explaining their opinions and plans.

Students with a good level of Spanish may take SPAN 2040 and SPAN 3050 concurrently.

Prerequisite: 4 years of high-school Spanish or 3 semesters of college-level Spanish.

SPANISH 3050 Third Year Composition and Conversation I (3 Credits)
ESPAÑOL 3050 Tercer año de composición y conversación I (3 Créditos) – Course Syllabus in Spanish
This course focuses on communicative skills, working towards perfecting the skills to speak, read, write and understand Spanish.

The objective of this course is that the student can: express orally and in writing their experiences and events, desires, as well as justify their opinions or explain their plans and try to influence the opinions and reactions of others/ understand the main points of texts written in everyday , familiar Spanish / have a general knowledge of real Spanish socio-culture and culture/participate in social exchanges and in more complex everyday situations.

Prerequisite: 4 semesters of college-level Spanish.

Please note: All students taking this course are required to take SPANISH 3100 Intercambio Activity listed below.

SPANISH 3100 Intercambio Activity (1 Credit) 
ESPAÑOL 3100 Actividad de Intercambio (1 Crédito) – Course Syllabus in Spanish
It is a practical class of cultural immersion. All the students on the program are assigned an Intercambio, a native Spaniard who they will meet at least once a week. The Intercambio activities will be held outside of the classroom so that students can practice their Spanish in real-life situations.

The student will write compositions about different topics the professor assigns throughout the semester. In these compositions the student will demonstrate the cultural aspect acquired through the social interaction with the natives as well as developing writing skills in Spanish at the same time.



SPANISH 3250 Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature (3 Credits)
ESPAÑOL 3250 Literatura Española del Siglo XX (3 Créditos) – Course Syllabus in Spanish
This course gives a general overview of the twentieth century, starting with a chronological division by aesthetic and literary movements, expanding later the information on authors and their texts. These texts will show the different literary genres most used in this period of time. The different movements and authors will be tied in together with most important historical events of Spanish History: 1898 Crisis, the Civil War, Franco´s Dictatorship.

Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.

SPANISH 3280 Women in Spanish Literature (3 Credits)
ESPAÑOL 3280 Mujeres en la Literatura Española (3 Créditos) – Course Syllabus in Spanish
This course focuses on the analysis of works written by Spanish women from the Golden Age to the present day, putting emphasis on the progressive change in the women's role in literature and in Spanish society today.

Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.

Liberal Arts

ART 3800 Artistic Monuments in Seville (3 credits) 
ARTE 3800 Monumentos Artístiscos de Sevilla (3 créditos) – Course Syllabus in Spanish
The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the historical, economical, artistic, social and religious aspects of Seville through its important and numerous monuments. The city itself will be the main guideline of this course. In each class meeting, students will study various artistic-architectural points of interest. Students will also be able to appreciate the cultural impact that many other cultures have left behind on the city throughout its history. 

Prerequisites: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish

LAB FEE: Students will have to pay 80€ to cover all entry fees during the visits.

HISTORY 3070 Latin America History (3 credits)
HISTORIA 3070 Historia de Latinoamérica (3 créditos) – Course Syllabus in Spanish (3 créditos)
This course covers the development of Hispanic and Portuguese America from the age of discovery to the present day. Seville is a particularly appropriate place to study this subject, as it was the first port and for many years the only one authorized for voyages to the New World. Seville is the permanent home of the Archives of the Indies.

Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.

HISTORY 3370 Twentieth-Century Spanish History (3 credits)
HISTORIA 3370 Historia de España del Siglo XX (3 créditos) – Course Syllabus in Spanish
This course will examine Spain´s twentieth-century history main events, including the Spirit of ´98, Spain and World War I, the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, the Second Republic, the Civil War, the new order under Franco, Spain´s international isolation, the transition through King Juan Carlos I with the arrival of democracy and the latest historical developments.

Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.

SPANISH 3640 Spanish Civilization (3 Credits) 
ESPAÑOL 3640 Civilización Española (3 créditos)
 – Course Syllabus in Spanish
This course offers the students a general overview of Spanish civilization from the beginning up to contemporary times. The course not only covers the development of the history in general, but it also strengthens the connection between the different structures that grow in any human community: economical activities, social and political organizations, culture, ideology, artistic, literary and religious activities. The objective is that the student understands the diversity of the country.

Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.




FALL 2022 / SPRING 2023

SAIIE - Universidad de Sevilla: Liberal Arts, Business and Spanish Language and Culture


FALL 2022 / SPRING 2023

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