STFL Programs

SAIIE currently works with the following universities to host faculty-led programs in Seville. Each program offers different opportunities to immerse students in the Spanish language and culture while working towards their major or interests. If your university does not currently have a faculty-led program with SAIIE and you are interested in participating please contact the Program Manager at the SAIIE program, Sean Chipres at:



Sport and globalization in London and Seville - WINTER 2014 / 2016 /2018 / 2020 / 2022
The Carleton College program focuses on sport and globalization in London and Seville. During the time in Seville students will create a sports camp for a local school and visit some of the most important monuments in Seville. This program includes a one day-trip to Ronda and one other TBD excursion. 



Vertical integration and international trade business - WINTER 2019
The UW-Platteville program focuses on vertical integration and international trade business through visits to southern Spanish agricultural companies and farms. This program includes a day trip, sight-seeing of the important monuments, and many visits to different agricultural businesses. 

Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Southern Spain and Driftless Wisconsin - WINTER 2020
In this course students will explore the production and marketing of crops and livestock in Southern Spain and contrast that with the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. While in Spain students will visit multiple farms and markets and learn about common practices and challenges related to producing and marketing an array of crops and livestock. Through this course students will become more aware of similarities and differences between agriculture in Spain and Wisconsin as well as explore the culture of Spain through homestays and tours of cultural points of interest.

The Nature of Business Sustainability in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco (Past, Present, and Future)  - WINTER 2024
In this program students visit local organizations that specialize in regional production--from leather processing to olive oil. Students will also be visiting cultural sites, including 3 UNESCO Heritage sites. This two-week program is an introduction to international business and culture of the Iberian Peninsula.

Expanding Your Knowledge of Farming Practices - Study Agriculture in Southern Spain and Northern Morocco - WINTER 2024
This course is designed as a field experience that will take place in Seville, Spain and Chefchaouen, Morocco. The course will broaden student understanding and knowledge of agriculture farming in Spain and Africa. The course will integrate the basics of agricultural practices and issues with Spain, Morocco, and the European Union (EU). The course will include a historical and cultural component of Spain. Instruction will include classroom time, field experiences, and an experiential service-learning project. 



Sports Nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet - MAY 2018 / MAY 2022 / MAY 2023
The Viterbo College program focuses on the mediterranean diet by working with Instituto Heliópolis, the local Spanish culinary institution. Students study the components of the Mediterranean diet and how this diet is able to reduce the risk of chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer). Study of the role of nutrition and the Mediterranean diet in physical performance and health.  Specific regimens applicable to athletes/personal fitness programs, ranging from the training diet to fluid, electrolyte and glycogen replacement.