CARLETON COLLEGE: Sport and Globalization in London & Seville

       PROGRAM DATES: Dates roughly correspond to the Carleton academic term.
       CREDITS.: 18 credits
       ELIG.: No minimum GPA required
       PREREQ.: Students must have soph, jr, or sr status in the present academic year
       LANG. OF INSTRUCTION: English                                                        


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THEME: Critically Examining the World’s Game in London and Seville

What role does sport play in a society? Given their deep sporting history and current success on the world stage, London and Seville provide students rich and unique opportunities to investigate how sport and society intersect as well as how globalization impacts each. 

The program will immerse students in sporting cultures where athletes, coaches, fans and leaders in the sport industry are among the most knowledgeable and passionate in the world.

The goal of the time in Seville is for students to learn through hands-on activities. Along with classroom activities, guest speakers, site visits, and field experiences will encourage students to explore first hand British and Spanish culture. During your time in Sevilla students will organize and create a sports camp at the local Spanish School Lora Tamayo, located in a more underprivileged neighborhood. Students will teach the children from elementary to middle school age the basics of American sports such as baseball, basketball, and more all while experiencing the Spanish culture. 


Students must have sophomore, junior, or senior status in the 2019-2020 academic year.


This program has a total of 18 Credits. During the time in Seville, Spain students will be taking 12 credits. The other 6 credits come from the work in London. 

PE 338: Global Athletics (6 Credits) - Seville

With their rich history and current success, English and Spanish sport will serve as a framework to examine the emergence of contemporary athletics and current issues facing participants, coaches, administrators, and spectators. The course will explore the world of sport and specifically football (soccer) from a generalist’s perspective.  London and Seville will provide rich and unique opportunities to learn how sport and society intersect. With classroom activities, site visits, field trips to matches, museums, and stadiums students will examine sport from an historical and cultural perspective while keeping in mind how our globalized world impacts sport. Lastly, we will seek to understand ways athletics can break down barriers and create understanding between others. 

Instructor: Bob Carlson

PE 340: Introductory Coaching Practicum (4 Credits) / PE 174: PE Activity Credit - Seville

Designed for students who may or may not have any previous playing or coaching experience, this course will cover introductory methods of coaching and teaching young athletes. Specifically, students will practice methods of teaching skills, structure, and strategies of team-oriented sports. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the coaching profession at different levels, developing coaching skills and creating a philosophy of coaching in a cross-cultural setting.

*The practicum centers on a service- learning project in Seville offering free sport clinics to a local school. No previous coaching experience required.

Instructor: Bob Carlson

PE 290: Directed Reading (2 Credits S/CR/NC) - London and Seville

Prior to departure students will read selected works that highlight the sporting and cultural history of Great Britain and Spain. Understanding of these readings will be evaluated through discussion and written work in London and Seville.  Students will also complete two short projects to prepare for observing, coaching, and examining sport abroad.

Instructor: Bob Carlson

POSC 238: Globalization and Development: Lessons from International Football (6 Credits) - London

This course uses international football (soccer) as a lens to analyze topics in globalization, such as immigration and labor, inequality, foreign investment, trade in services, and intellectual property. Students will be presented with key debates in these areas and then use cases from international football as illustrations. Focusing on the two wealthiest leagues in Europe, the English Premier League and the Spanish Liga, students will address key issues in the study of globalization and development, and in doing so enhance their understanding of the world, sports, and sport’s place in the world.

Instructor: Ken Shadlen, London School of Economics


Bob Carlson, Professor of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation at Carleton College
Bob Carlson has taught and coached soccer at Carleton since 1997. Helping students of all abilities enjoy and appreciate the rewards of sport, he looks forward to sharing his coaching and teaching expertise in these exciting settings.

Sean Chipres, Faculty Led Program Coordinator at SAIIE 
Sean Chipres graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville with honors in an International Studies degree. Prior to his studies in the US, he had received his entire education in Seville, Spain. He is fluent in Spanish, English and French. He has been working for SAIIE since 2001. His biggest passions include travelling and meeting new people from around the world.

“I love my job and international education. The most gratifying part of my job is to see how students evolved throughout their study abroad experience and how they turned into new people after their experience is over, and to know that we played a big part in it”.


Students will be housed in apartments in London.


All students participating in our program in Seville through Carleton College are placed in carefully screened Spanish homes, usually in pairs. Living in a Spanish home is one of the most important aspects of the students’ intercultural experience because it helps to improve language skills and increase cultural awareness, two key goals of the program.

Naturally, adjustments with regard to customs, food, and heat must be anticipated by the students. SAIIE does take dietary and other personal restrictions into consideration when assigning students to their host family.

The principal goals of increased fluency in the language and greater familiarity with the culture are an integral element of the experience that SAIIE strives to provide. Therefore, all students must live in Spanish homes; that is, no students are allowed to live independently in their own apartments or in any other housing situation that is not approved by and under the direct supervision of the Institute's staff.



All students will receive their host family information UPON ARRIVAL into Seville. Our Student Affairs Department will provide airport pick-up.  Host family information is released at the airport pick-up.  If it is the case that students arrive outside the airport pick-up hours, then host family information will be released via email or phone. 

All students will receive their roommate information UPON ARRIVAL into Seville. All students are housed with other students studying abroad at SAIIE. Each student will have 1 to 3 roommates. Students can list another student on the program they wish to house with on their accommodation questionnaire. NO roommate information is released prior to arrival. 
Students can easily walk from their homestay to SAIIE, with travel times ranging between 15 and 25 minutes. If students would like to rent a bike while in Seville, the city has an excellent bike rental program called Sevici which many past students have used. 
The host family will provide breakfast and mid-day meals Monday through Friday and evening meals Sunday through Thursday.  The remaining meals must be arranged and paid for out-of pocket by the student. 
Internet may or may not be available in the home, but wi-fi is easily accessible at local cafes and at SAIIE. 
Each student is allowed 1 load of laundry per week, which is washed by the host family. 

Please note: For more information on housing, please contact the SAIIE Director, Samantha Chipres at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.


"Living with a family for me was a great and rewarding experience. We became her niños (children). It helped me become more immersed in the language as well as learn about Spanish culture on a deeper level.  Our Señora (Spanish Landlady) always wanted to make sure we´ve eaten enough and have a jacket"

Dylan Saline 
Carleton College




In addition to attendance at professional matches and other sporting events within and around each city, there will be visits to athletic clubs and museums, opportunities to hear from leaders in the sports industry and participation in a variety of cultural activities. Also included are two trips outside London and Seville, plus a service-learning project at a local school in Seville.


In addition to attendance at professional matches and other sporting events within and around each city, there will be visits to athletic clubs and museums, opportunities to hear from leaders in the sports industry and participation in a variety of cultural activities. Also included are two trips outside London and Seville, plus a service-learning project at a local school in Seville.

The following cultural activities are included in the program cost:

  • Walking tour through Barrio de Santa Cruz (Old Jewish Quarter) – includes tour guide in English 
  • Visit to The Alcazar of Seville – includes tour guide in English
  • Visit the Cathedral of Seville
  • Visit María Luisa Park and Plaza España – includes tour guide in English




As one of the oldest towns in Spain you'll find history around every corner in Ronda. There are traces of Ronda's origins from the Neolithic age, through the era of the Romans, the Arab age and the conquest of the ancient city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485 through to the 19th century when Ronda was best known for the banditry in the surrounding hills and the origins of bullfighting in the Ronda bullring which still stands.

It's a town that you'll need to come back again and again to visit and you'll make new discoveries and friends every time you visit!




SAIIE offers athletic programs in Seville in the following sports: soccer, swimming, basketball, volleyball, rowing, water polo, and rugby.

Students will have the chance to practice on Spanish teams in these respective sports during their stay. 

All students will have a free gym membership at the Cuesta Sport gym located right next to the SAIIE Center.


Credits are certified by Carleton College and will be validated on an official Carleton College transcript at the end of the program. The Seville portion of the program makes up 12 of the 18 total credits. 


Program dates roughly correspond to the Carleton academic term. Specific dates will be communicated to program participants.

The following dates correspond to the program organized in Seville during Winter 2018.

Winter 2018

Winter 2018 Dates: February 18 - March 10, 2018

Feb. 18 Arrive in Spain at Seville Airport (SVQ)/ Orientation at SAIIE/ Watch live Real Madrid C.F. vs Real Betis Balompié
Feb. 19 Visit to the Lora Tamayo School / Walking tour through Barrio de Santa Cruz (Old Jewish Quarter)
Welcome Tapas dinner
Feb. 20 Visit to The Alcazar and the Cathedral am/ Visit María Luisa Park and Plaza España pm
Feb. 21 Sports camp with Lora Tamayo students – 6th grade (11-12 years old)
Feb. 22 Sports camp with Lora Tamayo students – 5th grade (10-11 years old)
Feb. 23 Day trip to Ronda
Feb. 24 Free day
Feb. 25 Free day
Feb. 26 Sports camp with Lora Tamayo students – 4th grade (9-10 years old)
Feb. 27 Celebrate Día de Andalucía at Lora Tamayo School.
Feb. 28 Spanish Holiday
March 1 Sports camp with Lora Tamayo students – 3rd grade (8-9 years old)
March 2 Sports camp with Lora Tamayo students – 2nd grade (7-8 years old)
March 3 Free day
March 4 Free day
March 5 Visit Centro Especial Mercedes Sanroma (Special School)
March 6 ports camp with Lora Tamayo students – 1st grade (6-7 years old) and 5 years old
March 7 Visit Instituto Bellavista (High School)
March 8 Sports camp with Lora Tamayo students – Age 4 and 3 years old
March 9 Farewell lunch  
March 10 Depart Seville (No later than 12 noon)

All Carleton-sponsored 10-week off-campus study programs charge the Carleton comprehensive fee, which includes instruction, room and board, group excursions, public transportation, medical and evacuation insurance, travel assistance, and most cultural events.

Students are responsible for books and supplies, passports and visas (when required), transportation to and from the program sites, and personal expenses and travel during the seminar. Students will receive a program-specific Additional Cost Estimate at the time of acceptance.

Student financial aid is applicable as on campus. See the Off-Campus Studies website for further information on billing, financial aid, and scholarships.


Winter 2020   April 22



"When I first arrived in Seville I anticipated that with my lack of Spanish skills it would be difficult for me to assimilate into the Sevillan culture. It turned ou to be quite the opposite experience with the help and support of the SAIIE Staff"

When I first arrived in Seville I anticipated that with my lack of Spanish skills it would be difficult for me to assimilate into the Sevillan culture. It turned out to be quite the opposite experience with the help and support of the SAIIE staff. During our stay, we spent most afternoons working with Spanish students at one of the local elementary schools where we had the privilege to meet and create many friendships with members of the community. Furthermore, in my free time the SAIIE staff provided me with a variety of activities that allowed me to explore Seville to its fullest. From canoeing down the Guadalquivir River, exploring the El Divino Salvador and Royal Alcazar of Seville, Stuart and Sean Chipres, along with the rest of the SAIIE staff, were very helpful throughout my entire trip and allowed me to get as much out of my time in Seville as possible.

Jay Na 
Carleton College – February/March 2018