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staff Stuart

Stuart Chipres

Resident Director

"I love to share my International experience, views on life and passion for Sevilla with students from all over the US and different backgrounds"

staff Sam

Samantha Chipres

Director and Student Affairs

"Seeing the students sad to leave Seville and us at the end of the semester means that we have done our job to show them that this city and this program are special"

staff Sean

Sean Chipres

Program Manager

"I love seeing how students evolved throughout their study abroad experience and how they turned into new people after their experience is over and to know that we played a big part in it"

staff Pepe

Jose Luis Sierra

Academic Director

"My biggest reward is the much appreciation we get back from our students!"

staff Regla

Regla Rojo

Office Manager

"I like to see the evolution and changes that the students experience from arrival until the very end of the program. What I most enjoy is feeling useful and providing information to the students"


"I have worked all over the world for ExxonMobil, DirecTV, Lincoln Financial, and Google.  My international education at SAIIE was paramount to me entering a career in international business."

Michael Evanoff
Marquette University
Alumnus 1987




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LOCATION: Seville is located in the southern region of Spain, one hour away from the Atlantic Ocean, two hours away from Portugal, and three hours away from Africa. 

MORE THAN 10,000 YEARS OF HISTORY: Our culture has been influenced by the Tartessians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and lastly by the Christians.

CLIMATE: We enjoy a Mediterranean climate: a very hot and dry summer, and a very mild winter. Our average temperature throughout the year goes from 78 F to 55 F. 

TRADITIONS: Flamenco dancing, Feria de Sevilla, Holy Week (Semana Santa), Tapas, Siestas, etc. 

MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE:  Olive oil is the base and essential ingredient to our cuisine, vegetables are a must with our meals, our deserts are mostly fresh fruit, fresh oranges every day of the year, we love our wine and finally, we can't live without our "Jamón Serrano".

SEVILLE HAS UNESCO'S WORLD HERITAGE SITES: the Cathedral of Seville (it is the third largest cathedral in the world and the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world), the Alcázar Royal Palace (still in use by the King and Queen of Spain), and the Archive of Indies (where the original documents of the ships going to America when it was first discovered). 

SEVILLE HAS BEEN AN INSPIRATION TO FAMOUS WRITERS AND ARTISTS: Such as Orson Wells, Ernest Hemingway, Murillo and Cervantes.


  • Black Lives Matter

    Due to the latest World events, the SAIIE Family would like to share this message with everyone: SAIIE is a study abroad program started by the Chipres family. Our background is Mexican, French, American, British and Spanish. For nearly 40 years we have been offering a unique study abroad program in...

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) News

    Tuesday June 9, 2020  The Spanish Cabinet on Tuesday approved a decree for the “new normality,” setting out the coronavirus safety measures that will be in place once the state of alarm comes to an end on June 21. At a government press conference on Tuesday, Health Minister Salvador Illa...

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  • Summer 2020 Applications are still open!

    Calling all students our Summer 2020 applications are still open! We offer different program options from 4-6 weeks long. Programs that start at the end of May or beginning of June. Our program is designed for all students, independent of their specialties and their level of Spanish. We put a...

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  • Orientation week and Ronda

    Our spring 2020 students have had a busy first two weeks in Seville, Spain!

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  • First day of camp at CEIP Lora Tamayo (Orientation)

    Our short term faculty led 2020 students from Carleton College are here in Seville, Spain!

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  • Day Trip to Ronda

    Last Friday our students enjoyed a lovely trip to Ronda, a beautiful and historic city in the province of Malaga! 

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  • Day Trip to Italica

    Friday October, 20, the students went to the well-preserved Roman city of Italica located in modern-day Santiponce to learn more about the ancient ruins! 

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  • Weekend Trip to Lisbon

    During the last weekend of October, the students went to Lisbon to tick another European city off their travel list! 

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