Partner with SAIIE


Unlike other study abroad programs SAIIE only offers study abroad programs in one location, Sevilla. We think this gives us a huge advantage over many of the other large study abroad organizations that have study abroad locations all over the world. Sevilla is our home and that is what we are offering.

Because we are only located at one location when partner universities, parents or students contact the SAIIE program they have direct contact to the SAIIE On-site Directors. This makes it very easy for study abroad offices, parents, and students who need to find out information about the program (academics, housing, safety policies, etc).

SAIIE was founded back in 1984 by Dr. William Spofford (Former UW-Platteville Education Abroad Director) and Mr. Robert Chipres (Former SAIIE Director). With more than 35 years hosting a study abroad program in Seville, Spain, more than 10,000 students through our program, we have managed to keep evolving with our students and adapted to the Global World we live in, making us experts in helping our students adapt and transition through their study abroad experience until they finish.


At SAIIE we are always searching for better ways to improve the quality of education that we offer to our students, and that is why at SAIIE we do not allow any of our programs to be larger than 60 students. 


No matter the program SAIIE offers, all of our programs have a strong cultural and language component. We believe in these two aspects to be an  esential part of any student studying abroad.


Lastly, we are a family business. SAIIE is currently run by Mr Chipres’s (Co-Founder of the SAIIE program) three children, Stuart, Sean and Samantha. All born and raised in Sevilla with international education and backgrounds in 3 different countries (Spain, US, and the UK). All of our program directors are involved in all of our programs, which our students, university partners, and parents always appreciate because they know that our students are in good hands and safe. 



SAIIE can provide quality and personalised study abroad experiences to our students and extends into our parnertships in the US.

Study Abroad offices, faculty and students back in the US have direct communication with the SAIIE program directors. 

Because at SAIIE we believe in providing the best quality study abroad experience we do not allow more than 60 students on our programs.

Our Partner Affiliation Agreement was created to be able to work closely with our US university partners to mantain academic quality, as well as find new creative ways to involve their students into Spanish culture, make it more financial atainable to their students to have a study abroad experience, as well as develop together new programs for their faculty and students.

This non-exclusive agreement simply states that SAIIE and the U.S. institution are partners and allows us to provide benefits and services such as:

  • Affiliation discounts 
  • Strategic outreach support.
  • Customized program opportunities.
  • Site visit opportunities - we will cover costs for 1-2 yearly visits for one member from our US partners (Does not include airfare from the US to Spain and viceversa).

In order to support our Academic Affiliates’ international initiatives, for custom programs we will cover all the costs for 1-2 Faculty/Directors throughout the program (Does not include airfare from the US to Spain and viceversa) developed jointly with SAIIE. 

This includes:

  • Airport pick up and transfer to accomodation on arrival and departure date.
  • Accommodation throughout the duration of the program located near the SAIIE center (walking distance).
  • Shared office space with computer.
  • Classroom space.
  • Transportation to any trips organized throughout the program.
  • Accommodation throughout any of these trips organized throughout the program.
  • Entrance fees to any cultural sites or study sites visited throughout the program.
  • Welcome and farewell meals.

We strive to make study abroad as accessible as possible to faculty and students, and these discounts & services are just the start of how we try to do that. 

What SAIIE Asks of Affiliates

As a SAIIE Academic Affiliate, we ask that your institution agree to support study abroad and formally collaborate on internationalization efforts through study abroad recruitment and operational practices.

To this end, we ask our Academic Affiliates to:

  • Display Literature: Make SAIIE literature available to students, display SAIIE on your website and on campus where appropriate, and link to SAIIE’s website.
  • Transfer Credit: Assist students in transferring academic credit from courses taken through the SAIIE study abroad program.
  • Process Financial Aid: Facilitate the transfer of financial aid for eligible students who wish to study abroad through SAIIE.
  • Promote Visits: Help arrange for SAIIE representatives to meet with prospective students, including study abroad fairs, classroom/office visits, or tables on campus, when appropriate.

If you wish to be a part of our SAIIE family by becoming a partner affiliate, or if you simply want more information about our affiliation agreement, please contact our Program Manager, Mr. Sean Chipres, at