Site Visits

SAIIE is always pleased to host study abroad staff and faculty from sending universities.

To show visiting study abroad staff/ faculty members what we do here at SAIIE, site visits usually include:

  • A tour of the SAIIE, University of Sevilla, and EUSA facilities where our students will be studying.
  • Interviews with SAIIE staff and faculty
  • Visit classes at SAIIE, Universidad de Sevilla, and EUSA.
  • Meetings with students to get feedback from SAIIE program.
  • Visit to one of our Spanish host families’ homes to see student accommodation.
  • Taking part in a socio-cultural activity around the city.
  • Check out the athletic programs SAIIE offers to their students.

In order to make your trip as easy and productive as possible please let us know in advance of your visit and we will be happy to coordinate your site visit with any other trips you would like to do to get to know the area better. To contact us, please email the Program Manager, Sean Chipres, at