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Program Requirements
Program Cost & Dates


 To all college water polo players (Male and Female)! Spend your spring term studying Spanish language and culture while playing competitive water polo in Seville, Spain.

SAIIE has teamed with the well renowned local Spanish water polo team “Club Waterpolo Sevilla”.  This partnership allows American college water polo players to gain an international perspective on the sport of water polo.  Players will train with a local Spanish team during the spring semester while earning college credits. 

Students will begin training with the local water polo team in Sevilla upon arrival and will train throughout the semester.  Players will also participate in at least 2 friendly matches during the semester.  This opportunity will help challenge student athletes both physically as well as help them improve their Spanish language skills. 

This program is open to male and female swimmers.


How does it work?

With the Water Polo program, students must choose a minimum of 12 credits from our range of academic courses.  We offer courses in Spanish language, Spanish culture, Liberal Arts, and Business among other areas of study.  Alongside their studies, they are also placed in the local Sevillian water polo team, “Club Waterpolo Sevilla” for 3 weekly training sessions and various friendly matches throughout the term.  

To learn more about the different academic programs that we offer through the spring term please visit our website here.



 Program Requirements

Students must be playing water polo on their varsity team back at their home university. 


Program Cost & Dates - 2025 

Spring Term

$675 (This is an additional cost to the overall program cost. Tuition and fees still apply)

Cost Includes:

  • 3 weekly training sessions with Cub Waterpolo Sevilla throughout the term
  • Participation in 2 friendly matches.
  • Free gym membership.

Jan.30 - May 14, 2025



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Do you have college sports in Spain?
No, in Spain we do not have college sports. All competitions are run by Clubs which are not the same as in the US. 

When do the training sessions take place?
Trainings will be held from 3:30pm-5:30pm

How long are training sessions?
Training sessions will be 2 hours long. 

How many training sessions take place per week?
There will be 3 training sessions per week.

How many weeks of training will I do?
In the spring you will train for 11 weeks. 

Are the trainings held in Spanish?
Yes. You will be training with Spaniards, on a Spanish team, with Spanish coaches. This is an important aspect of the cultural immersion part of the program, as you will be surrounded by native Spanish speakers in a Spanish speaking environment which gives you a great opportunity to practice the language.

How many American players will there be on a team?
There is a maximum of 4 American players per team. 

What age will the players on the team be?
The players are between 18 and 30 years old. 

Is transportation to trainings included in the total program cost?
No, transportation is not included.

How much money will I need for transportation to training sessions?
Approximately $100. 

How far are the training facilities from the school?
All training facilities are no further than a 30 minute bus ride away.

Will I swim against other Spanish clubs?
We organize a minimum of 2 friendly matches.

Am I, as a college student, breaking any NCAA water polo rules or regulations by participating on this program?
No, you are not. You will only be training with a local Spanish club. The water polo clubs do not pay their players to compete.