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3 spots available!



Students must take a minimum of 12 credits during the spring semester. We offer courses in Spanish language, Spanish culture, Liberal Arts and Business among other areas of study. Alongside their studies, they are also placed on a  Spanish elite soccer team with who they will practice weekly. Students who become part of the team will join and play weekly matches agains't other Spanish teams. Those that do not make the team will continue training with the team and will play 1-2 friendly matches throughout the semester 

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Students must be playing soccer on their varsity team back at their home university or at a Club. 


Spring Term

$495 (This is an additional cost to the overall program cost. Tuition and fees still apply)

Cost includes:

  • Soccer fees to acquire licence to play with Spanish team.
  • Joining a Spanish team, playing weekly matches against other Spanish teams or friendly matches
  • Weekly training sessions. 
  • Team jersey.

2 spots available for the women's team!!! 

Not included in costs:

  • Visit to watch live "La Liga" soccer match (Sevilla FC or Real Betis Balompié)

 Jan. 30  - May 14, 2025
Applications deadline:  October 15, 2024

Contact program manager, Sean Chipres, to start your application at 



If you do not see your question listed here please contact us . 


What type of field will I be training on?
The fields you will be training on are made of artificial turf.

What type of soccer shoes do I need?
You will need soccer shoes suitable for artificial turf grounds.

How long are training sessions?
Trainings will last for about 1hr and 30 min.

When do the training sessions take place?
Trainings will be held in the evenings. Generally practices take place from 9:00pm - 10:30pm or 8:00pm - 9:30pm

How many training seesions take place per week?
Teams generally practice 2-3 times per week. Students that join and play weekly with the team will train 3 times per week. Students that don't manage to make the team might only be able to train some weeks twice.

Are the trainings held in Spanish?
Yes. You will be training with Spaniards on a Spanish team with Spanish coaches. This is an important aspect of the cultural immersion part of the program; through the soccer program you will be surrounded in a constant Spanish speaking environment and this will give you a great opportunity to improve your Spanish.

How many American players will there be on a team?
There will be a maximum of 3 American players per team. On the womens team they can be a maximum of 6 players.

What age are the players on the team?
The players ostly range between 18 and 23 years old.

Is transportation to trainings included in the total program cost?
No, transportation is not included.

How much money will I spend on transportation to trainings?
Approximately $150 in total for the semester.

How far are the training grounds from your home?
All training grounds are no further than a 20-30min bus or metro ride or in some cases a 20-40 minute walk.

Will I be able to go see an official professional soccer match?
Yes, we will organize to go watch a professional "La Liga" soccer match in the spring term.

Will I play against other Spanish clubs?
Yes, for those sutdent-athletes that don't manage to join the Spanish team, we will organize a minimum of 1 friendly match throughout the term. If the calendar of the Spanish team allows it we will organize a second friendly match.

Will I have the chance to play in any other matches?
Yes, for those of you who don't manage to join the team we will help you join pick-up matches organized with other Spanish, or foreign players. These matches will be generally 5v5, 7v7 or even on 11v11 soccer fields. Contact the program manager, Sean Chipres, at for more information.

Will I be able to join the team and play on a weekly base? Yes. Its the Spanish Head Coach desicion but if he agrees it is up to the student to join or not the team.





"Futbol here is something that cannot be compared to soccer back in the states."

Cesar Hernandez

"My technical skills improved greatly and same with my Spanish skills."

Wyatt Gilson

"The level that this team played at was beyond anywhere I had played in my life."

Chase Donley
Lesley University

"Thanks to the SAIIE Study Abroad & Soccer Program I was able to achieve my dream!"

Jordan Myers


"I highly recommend the soccer program with SAIIE."

Josh Kufera
Christopher Newport University

"I’d say my soccer experience in Spain was a great experience."

Mishiah Toe
Bethel University


"The soccer program was definitely one of the highlights of my study abroad experience! I enjoyed very much going to practice weekly. The girls on the team were fantastic! They help me with my Spanish and anything I didn't understand at practice. I also love speaking to them before and after practice of how my life was in the US as a student-athlete "

Quin Rogers

"Playing soccer in Spain was a dream come true in my life." 

Alec Faulkner
Christopher Newport University


"The level of soccer was unreal! I'm so grateful to the SAIIE program for this opportunity. " 

Cris Kirkpatrick
Everett Community College


"The soccer program that SAIIE offers in Spain is amazing! If you love soccer and want to continue playing while studying abroad I would definitely recommend the SAIIE program.""

Alexander Martinez
Franklin & Marshall College


"It is moments like this that I will never forget from my time abroad. Un regalo para recordar el club, the President of the Triana Fútbol Club said as she handed me the jersey."

Chelsea Rangel
University of Dubuque


"While the cultural and educational experience offered to all students at SAIIE is fantastic, those students who choose to particpate in the soccer program will experience an even more intense immersion while playing the game at a new level that few get to experience."

William Veliz
Carthage College

"The possession and speed of play was great. The girls were very friendly and helped us understand drills at practice. Also playing in friendly games was great and seeing a different style of play."

Kia Miller
Carthage College

"I enjoyed everything! I enjoyed the experience and level – better than home." 

Heriberto Martínez
Benedictine University

"Playing soccer in Spain was a unique experience! I enjoyed the ability to keep playing soccer in my off season and having the opportunity to meet Spaniards and learn about the Spanish soccer philosophy."

Samm Mammoser   
Clarke College


"Playing soccer in Spain was so much fun! The girls on the team were great and really friendly. Not only I manage to practice my Spanish with them but they took me out to places around the city which I don't think many foreing students generally go to. If you play soccer back home, and want to study abroad I would definitely recommend to you to take part of this opportunity that SAIIE offers" 

Nina Behrenbrinker
UW-Eau Claire