Program Cost & Dates

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Calling all college rugby players! Come to Sevilla for a Spring or Fall term to study the Spanish language and culture whilst also playing competitive rugby!

At SAIIE, we have cooperated with two well-renowned local rugby clubs ¨Ciencias Club de Rugby¨ and “UAS” to offer an academic-athletic program where competitive College rugby players (male and female) have the opportunity to study with us and train with the team whilst still earning college credits.

The ¨Ciencias Club de Rugby¨ club has been a source of talented players, many of whom have played for the Spanish National Team. Between 1992 and 1996, the Club won two National League titles in “La División de Honor”, three “Copas de S.M. el Rey” titles, and the “Copa Ibérica” title. In Rugby Sevens they have also won the National Championship.


How does it work?

When students arrive they must first do tryouts with the team, and depending on their level they will then be placed in either the first or second team. In the spring and fall terms students play Rugby 15 (union rules).

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Why play rugby in Seville?

Playing rugby in Seville whilst studying abroad helps you maintain your fitness and game at a high standard. Also by playing on a Spanish team you will be able to practice Spanish on a weekly basis with Spanish natives and make friends. You will also learn another style of training and playing methods and get to play against other Spanish teams to see your level.


Program Cost & Dates 

Spring & Fall Term

675€ (This is an additional cost to the overall program cost. Tuition and fees still apply)

Cost includes:

  • 11 weeks of training
  • 3 training sessions per week with ¨Ciencias Club de Rugby¨ or “Universitario de Sevilla”
  • 2 friendly matches
  • Team jersey

Spring term: Feb. 6 - May 2, 2022
Fall term: September 13 - December 11, 2021 


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