SAIIE Study Abroad Application Process

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad in Seville, Spain with SAIIE! In order to get your study abroad experience started, please download the following forms and complete them all. Once you have downloaded and completed all the forms, you can scan them and send them all back to the program maanger, Sean Chipres, to the following email: 

1. Student Profile Questionnaire
2. Statement of Purpose/ Statement of Purpose (High School participants)
3. Accommodation Questionnaire
4. Accomodation Policies
5. Health Statement Form
6. Medical Self-Disclosure Questionnaire
7. Medical Consent Form or Medical Consent to Treat Minor
8. Travel Information Form 
9. *CAF (Course Advisement Form) / *CAF (GAP Year Students)         
10. **Education Abroad Approval Form
11.Required Felony Disclosure
12. *Volunteer Questionnaire
13. Photo and Video Consent Form

14. Passport Copy
15. Consent and Release Form
16. Terms and Conditions

*High School students will not have to fill out these forms.
**High School and Gap Year participants will not have to fill out these forms.

Students participating in an SAIIE program must have:

  • Health and medical evacuation insurance
  • VISA (If studying more than 90 days) - SAIIE will provide a Letter of acceptancy for student visa.
  • ISIC (International Student Identity Card) - Gap and high school participants don't need this card.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Manager, Mr. Sean Chipres:

Sean Chipres
Program Manager 

Sean will help you with your entire application process to the SAIIE program. 

Application Deadlines

Term Abroad Appl. Cycle Opens      Appl. Deadline  
Winterim April 1 Nov. 1
Spring Semester April 1 Oct. 15 
Summer Session I Oct. 1 April 15
Summer Session II Oct. 1 April 15 
Summer Sessions I & II      Oct. 1 April 15 
Fall Semester Oct. 1 April 15
Academic Year / Gap Year Oct. 1 April 15 

Missed the Deadline? 
Please contact our office the Resident Director, Mr. Stuart Chipres at     
NOTE: Passport processing times are now approximately 12-16 weeks.
APPLY EARLY and/or expedite your passport application in order to meet visa application deadlines.