Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Kaylee Beevers Talks SAIIE!

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With our Fall 2016 students having now finished their semester, we asked one student in particular what her experience in Seville meant to her. Kaylee Beevers told us a little bit about her time with us at SAIIE, especially telling us what she thought about the academics and housing that SAIIE provided her with.

Underneath is Kaylee’s testimonial!

‘When people ask me what made my time in Sevilla so memorable and enjoyable, I always respond with "my teacher and host mom." SAIIE only hires the best staff to improve the academics and travel experience for its students. I took Spanish Immersion courses for a semester. Everyday classes would be taught in Spanish, which made me nervous at first. My teacher, Lole, was so amazing and did such a great job of explaining the lessons that I went from knowing barely any Spanish to being able to understand and hold conversations with Spanish people on the street. They offer tutoring, intercambios, trips around the city and just by being in class, you still fell like you're receiving one on one help. I learned 10x more Spanish at SAIIE then I ever have back in the US. For my housing, Fina, my host mom, took me in as my own. She was an amazing cook and made us tradition Spanish food! It was so nice not having to spend money during week on groceries or having to worry about making my own meals. If we were gone for a meal, she'd always pack us a lunch or dinner. She took care of my roommate and I when we became sick. It felt like she truly cared about us. She did everything from cleaning our bathroom to making us food to making our bed! Fina was a great way to practice my Spanish. She sat and talked with us every night and we'd watch Spanish television. Needless to say, once I left Spain, they were my hardest goodbyes. Without Fina, Lole and SAIIE, Sevilla would just be another trip, but they made it an unforgettable journey.’

We always love to hear positive feedback from our students, especially when they truly have enjoyed the program and all that we offer. We strive to show our students the best possible study abroad experience in Seville, and class of Fall 2016, we hope you enjoyed your time here as much as we enjoyed meeting you!

Thank you Kaylee for such a wonderful testimonial!

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