Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Parents

The following information has been taken from UW-Platteville study abroad website.

Dear parents and family members, 

Thank you for assisting and supporting your student in their choice to participate in an exciting and enriching education abroad experience. Like higher education, education abroad is an investment in a student’s future, and as with any other type of investment, it requires planning, determination, and commitment. The personal, academic, and professional rewards, however, will last a lifetime.

The UW-Platteville Education Abroad staff assists students before, during, and after their education abroad experience and offers a wide-variety of opportunities abroad to address the diverse needs of students including study abroad, internships, research, service learning and volunteering, and more.

Programs range in length from two weeks to one year and all programs provide students with the opportunity to learn more about themselves as well as the world around them. From homestays to language partners and from cocurricular activities to educational excursions, we aim to immerse students in their new culture so they can grow as global citizens.

Participating on an education abroad program is a unique opportunity for students to learn about new countries and cultures while earning academic credit towards their degree at their home institution in the United States. Our office works with faculty and staff to provide courses and opportunities that will allow students to make strong progress toward their degree without delaying graduation.

In order to make education abroad a real option for as many students as possible, we strive to offer affordable opportunities abroad by keeping program costs low. In addition, an international experience is never more affordable than it is during the college years as students have access to financial aid, loans, and special grants and scholarships, and in the end, many students find that a the cost of a program abroad can be very comparable to what they are already pay here in the United States.

We truly enjoy working closely with each participant to ensure that their academic, personal, and professional needs and concerns are met throughout the education abroad experience. If you or your student has questions at any point, please feel free to contact our office any time.

We look forward to working with you and your student more in the future!

UW-Platteville Education Abroad