Study Abroad

SAIIE has partnership with the Universidad de Seville and EUSA (la Escuela Universitaria de Sevilla) to run its study abroad programs throughout the year.

Academic Program

The academic program at SAIIE combines coursework, field trips, intercambio partnerships, internships, athletic programs, and home-stays into a coherent, total package. In the Liberal Arts program, students study about Spain while living in Spain so that the classroom experience complements, reinforces, and enhances the intercultural experience. 

Some programs have language requirements.

Students study Spanish language on the appropriate level and take the remainder of their courses in Spanish or in English, depending on their level of fluency. Students may concentrate on Liberal Arts or International Business, or they may take courses from both areas. There are also courses in Audio Visual Communications, Tourism, Publication, History, Management, Journalism, and Business.

Classes are held Monday-Thursday, with Friday-Sunday available for field trips and independent activities. 

Additional course information can be found here:  SAIIE Courses

You can learn more about each academic program and which courses are included here: