Our Faculty Led Program is a program that has been created to benefit the teachers as well as the students that participate on the program. Hosted in the heart of Seville, Spain, SAIIE provides the perfect settings for the Faculty Led Program to give you the ultimate study abroad experience possible.

SAIIE has over 30 years of experience in guiding American college students through their study abroad programs in Seville, and we are now proud to also offer Faculty-Led programs to help high schools and universities make the most of their educational visits to the city.

Our Faculty-Led programs offers both high schools and universities the chance to do a service-learning projects during their time abroad with us in Seville, with the aim of immediately immersing them into Hispanic culture and the Sevillian lingo.

What is so great about this program is that we adapt and accommodate the program to suit you and your respective high school or university. So, we like to involve you in the ins and outs of what you would like to take from this program, and how you would like it to be set up. Each faculty-led is unique in its own respect, made just for you.

With this program, the professor's role is more than just a teacher. It is a chance to be the student's mentor. They have a lot more responsibility, handling a group of students 24/7, and when you’re abroad in a foreign country you want to make sure you are guided by professionals in the field.

SAIIE staff are there to make this experience even more personalised, giving you the most educated, heartfelt guide of Seville, their home city. They are bilingual, helping develop the student’s Spanish skills further, but there to speak English if they should need some guidance.

Everything is organised for you before arriving to Seville, so there is no extra stress with housing, cultural activities, day and weekend trips, classroom space and equipment, service learning projects or administrative support.

A real passion for Seville and everything Spanish is exactly what SAIIE promotes, ready to give its students the most exciting, learning experience abroad in Spain! So, with our Faculty Led Program offering both a purposeful teaching value for its faculty as well as an educational and cultural one for its students, SAIIE really does offer you an invaluable experience abroad.  

If you are interested in organising a Faculty-Led program with SAIIE, please contact the Faculty Led Program Coordinator of SAIIE, Sean Chipres, at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..


At  SAIIE, our focus is you and only you, which is why we concentrate all our effort and time into making your stay in Seville a memorable one.

We want your experience with us in Seville to be different from anything else you might have done before, motivating our team to think of you in every decision we make when we organise a Faculty Led for you.

Our offer of the Faculty Led program is especially where SAIIE stands out from the crowd. A combined student/teacher program that lets the teacher expand their teaching experience by giving them the chance to teach in a new setting (in the city of Seville no less!), and gives the students an opportunity to develop their Spanish in a way that is interactive as well as natural, with their immersion into a Spanish-speaking city.

If you are still not convinced that SAIIE is the place for you, then continue reading to see what we think are the top ten reasons for you to choose our Faculty Led Program!

  1. SAIIE has extensive experience in the field of international education, with its ability to bring American and Spanish cultures together successfully via its Study Abroad Program founded in 1984

  2. The SAIIE family treats the students like their own family. Think of them as your Spanish family, always there to offer you the guidance and support you need to live abroad!

  3. Seville is Southern Spain’s most treasured gem. If you ask anyone, they will first and foremost always comment on the beauty of Seville. It is the Andalusian capital, a cultural hub rich in Spanish tradition and culture, a gastronomic experience you will never forget and now a top hotspot for students studying abroad

  4. SAIIE is located in the very heart of Seville, making all the major monuments, museums, shops and restaurants within walking distance

  5. We offer you classroom space and access to our facilities in the SAIIE building. This means air-conditioned classrooms, a teacher’s room, study room, computer room, WIFI, LCD projectors and laptops for presentations

  6. SAIIE offers you more socio-cultural activities than any other program providers in Seville. This really allows the students to get to know Seville as well as its customs and traditions

  7. Excursions, day trips and weekend trips are organised by us at your request. We often organise trips to Morocco, Portugal, Granada, Cordoba and Ronda, amongst other Spanish cities

  8. SAIIE holds strong relationships with many local institutions in and around Seville, usually with local businesses, schools, universities and sports teams

  9. We can set up volunteering or community service projects for your group, all taking place in local schools or other institutions

  10. Our Faculty Led Program is built around you and your needs, so everything is organised in a way that will benefit you and your respective high school or university. So, the program is flexible and we will always aim to accommodate you the best we can