Director´s Message

staff Stuart

Seville, October 17, 2018

Dear students,

We live in a world where an individual is exposed on a daily basis to news of politics, tragedy, constant marketing schemes, social media, the end of the world paranoia, etc. I wouldn´t blame you for thinking:  “I am never going to leave home, I  am staying in my town forever”.

When actually today is the best moment to explore other countries and cultures, learn other languages and make new friends and ultimately challenge and prepare yourselves to make a difference in the world.

SAIIE as a program and Seville as a city offers you this chance. Your safety and wellbeing are always going to be our number one concern.

SAIIE provides all our students with a family atmosphere and personal attention. The SAIIE staff  are prepared and available 24/7 to all students  for safety and emergency situations.

SAIIE keeps in close touch with the US Consulate in Seville for any news regarding the STEP program, updates and passport issues.

SAIIE also belongs to APUNE (Association of American University Programs in Spain) who send all relevant updates on safety and emergency situations from the U.S. Embassy in Madrid.

Seville, one of the warmest, historical, safest, open-minded, family oriented cities in the world offers you this opportunity. Trust SAIIE to be your home away from home.

Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!

Stuart Chipres
SAIIE Resident Director