Marketing Assistant at Glamping Hub

Do you know what glamping is? Actually, the question is... do you feel like working in a cool place? They are looking for smart, outgoing, and open-minded people to join our team in our Seville, Spain office.

AbouGlamping Hub
They are the world’s largest online reservation platform featuring unique, nature-based accommodations around the globe.

They place great emphasis on the quality of their services, but the core of their success is in the people that make this happen. Therefore, they are a young diverse team that is dedicated, unique, hard working, and creative.

Ideal candidates for Glamping Hub should:

- Have a high English level and also be able to speak other languages
- Possess great communication and relationship building skill
- Want a job that challenges you and keeps you busy while still offering some flexibility to enjoy Seville
- Be well-planned, organized, and get stuff done
- Be methodical, analytic, and have great attention to detail
- Be proactive and have a positive attitude
- Have the ability to multitask and work independently
- Be able to rapidly adapt to new environments and a company’s philosophy
- Have that “something” that makes you different

Marketing Assistant Position

- Enhance and spreading Glamping Hub´s vision and mission, based on strong understanding of the company, the environment and the client.
- Support all aspects of marketing operations including copy writing, proof reading, design of materials, website content management and digital outputs, social media management, planning, advertising and research.
- Assist marketing SEO strategies, as well as general marketing strategies.
- Understand targets, clients’ needs, and the general glamping environment.
- Attend team meetings in order to get a clear insight of the performance and establishing best practices
- Searching and communicating with bloggers and other trend setter that influence the market 
- Designing and editing regular newsletter mailing campaign
- Must have excellent interpersonal skills
- Gathering information from websites, constructing listings on Glamping Hub, and producing original content.

Intern qualities and skills for this position:

- Studies in marketing, languages, translation
- Is a native English speaker
- Is a driven problem solver
- Has exceptional writing skills
- Is familiar with AP Style
- Is highly adaptable, eager, and willing to work hard
- Holds themselves to a high standard of quality
- Is detail oriented
- Possess excellent technological skills, like Microsoft Suite, Google Drive, and social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)  

Competencies to develop:

- Formal and creative writing
- Firm deadlines with no excuses
- PR outreach skills
- SEO strategy
- Google Analytics
- E-blast development from every stage
- Multitasking on several huge projects
- Organization skills
- Data tracking and presentation

Past Experiences:

Some of the interns that have been working with us say:

- Elise (France): “I have been doing 6 months of end of-studies internship in Glamping Hub. I have to admit that this internship has been absolutely fulfilling; I have been given diverse tasks with responsibilities in different departments: marketing, support and growth.

As a start-up company, people working in have to be versatile and adapt really easily to any trend/ or demand; this is what I actually learnt and appreciated in Glamping Hub. I had to deal constantly with new projects, had the opportunity to suggest my ideas and sometimes implement them. The managers that tutored me have been really welcoming and include me as a fullmember of the company. For all those reasons, I can say that I really enjoyed my internship in Glamping Hub”.

- Harpreet (UK): “My experience at Glamping Hub has been one to remember. I was given the opportunity to learn more about marketing after having only studying marketing modules at university and not having any real life experience in previous job roles. The time that I have had there has been very valuable and everybody that works there has been amazing at making me feel as though I was a part of the team they have created”. 

- Constance (France): “As a 1st year student in a bachelor degree, it was luck to do an internship in a start-up. My experience in Glamping Hub was very interesting as I could work in various departments such as Growth and Support & Sales. Moreover, working with people from different background was enriching and so I could improve my language skills in English and also in Spanish. I learnt a lot and I really enjoyed my tree-month internship here. This experience is very significant for the following steps of my curses until I get the job of my dream. I would like to say « thank you » to the managers and all the Glamping Hub team!