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Business and Commerce of the European Union

Application Deadline



Novembrer 1


Dates: December 27 – January 19
Credit: 3 credits
Eligibility: 2.5 GPA minimum
Language Requirement: No prior knowledge of Spanish required


$ 3,800* See full breakdown >


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Program Location: Sevilla

Program Structure

Program Requirements 
Academic Credit, Grading, and Transcript
Application Deadlines
Program Dates and Costs
Financial Aid

Program Location: Sevilla 

So you’ve decided you want to study abroad… but now you have to decide where! The choice of study abroad programs dotted all over Spain can be overwhelming when looking for a program provider or destination, but if you’re looking for a city full of Spanish culture and tradition, look no further.

As well as having a large student population, the city offers a wealth of possibilities for studying Liberal Arts. Seville is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its gothic Cathedral (largest Gothic cathedral in the World), the Archivo de Indias (a collection of important documents concerning the discovery of the New World), and the Alcázar (royal palace). Together, these monuments perfectly epitomize the Spanish “Golden Age” and provide for very interesting historical and cultural studies, covering periods of Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Christian reign, and displaying the true mixture of cultures that have each affected and left their mark on the city of Seville in their own way. Even without mentioning these three monuments, there is no shortage of beautiful architectural and historical sights, each with their own unique story and history behind it: the Parque Maria Luisa and Plaza de España, Las Setas (giant wooden structure overlooking the city), the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (Seville’s bullring), the Torre del Oro… With this in mind, we encourage students to get out into the city on a regular basis and often use the city itself as our classroom to integrate active learning and cultural immersion into our program. Click here to learn more and view photos.   


All students participating in our program are placed in carefully screened Spanish homes, usually in pairs. Living in a Spanish home is one of the most important aspects of the students’ intercultural experience because it helps to improve language skills and increase cultural awareness, two key goals of the program.

Naturally, adjustments with regard to customs, food, and heat must be anticipated by the students. SAIIE does take dietary and other personal restrictions into consideration when assigning students to their host family.

The principal goals of increased fluency in the language and greater familiarity with the culture are an integral element of the experience that SAIIE strives to provide. Therefore, all students must live in Spanish homes; that is, no students are allowed to live independently in their own apartments or in any other housing situation that is not approved by and under the direct supervision of the Institute's staff.

Program Structure   

The BUSADMIN 3400 Business and Commerce of the European Union course is only offered in English.

This course begins with a study about the historical roots, the birth and development of the European Union in the last 50 years, analyzing the first treaties and the later ones added in the Union. The different organizations that form the components of the Union and the role of each member state are studied on this course. There is special emphasis on the importance of the European monetary union, the common coin and the main European financial institutions.

Click here to view course syllabus

Program Requirements

  • A student must have at least sophomore standing at the time of participation.

  • A student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 grading scale.

  • A student must be in good academic standing at the time of participation.

  • No prior knowledge of Spanish is required.


Academic Credit, Grading, and Transcript

Academic Credit

Credits are certified by UW-Platteville and will be validated on an official UW-Platteville transcript at the end of the semester. Credits earned also become part of an official academic record at UW-Platteville.

While all credits should be transferable, please note that if you wish any of your courses to fulfill specific requirements for your major, minor, or general education, you must seek the necessary approval from the appropriate person(s) from your home campus.

Non UW-Platteville Students
When you are accepted into the SAIIE program you should inform your academic advisor and study abroad office at your home campus about your intent to go abroad on our program.

You will remain enrolled at your home institution as a "degree-seeking" student. You will be enrol at UW-Platteville for only the term you are going abroad as a "special student."

After being accepted into the program you will need to identify the courses that you would like to take at SAIIE and find out what paperwork is necessary from your home campus to ensure transfer credit.

Most campuses have a document or form for you to complete. This form may be called something like "international study course approval form" or "study abroad transfer credit form." You must complete this form in full with all necessary and appropriate signatures (from academic advisors and department chairs) to ensure credit transfer.

To acquire approval, some department chairs at your home campus may request to see course descriptions for the courses you intend to take abroad, or the syllabi for approving transfer credit for a articular course. Above under the information in program structure you can find the course syllabus.

At the end of the term you will receive one official UW-Platteville transcript for the term abroad with SAIIE. This transcript will be sent to your home school's Registrar's or Admission's Office for transfer credit.

Grading System & Transcripts

SAIIE Grading System & Transcripts
SAIIE students are graded according to the specified criteria in each syllabus. Generally speaking, for each course there are three exams per semester. In addition to this, there will be various quizzes, oral presentations and pieces of homework that each student must complete. Assistance is also an important factor which we take into account when grading students.

All students participating in the SAIIE program will be issued a grade report upon completion of the program which will be sent to the address requested by the student. They will also be issued an official transcript from UW-Platteville.

Only one official transcript is provided by the Institute for Study Abroad Programs office. For information on how to request another official UW-Platteville transcript for a student who has completed a program with SAIIE please visit the UW-Platteville Registrar's Office website at:

SAIIE uses the following academic grading:

97 – 100  A+     77 - 79  C+

93 – 96    A       73 - 76  C

90 – 92    A-      70 - 72  C-

87 – 89    B+     67 - 69  D+

83 – 86    B       63 - 66  D

80 – 82    B-      60 - 62  D-

           Below 60  F

Application Deadlines

Term Abroad   Application Cycle Opens   Application Deadline         
Winterim April 1 November 1

Missed the deadline?
 Please contact UW-Platteville Education Abroad  to enquire about late application options.

Program Dates and Costs

Winterim 2019

Winterim 2019 Dates

December 26    Depart the United States
December 27    Arrive in Spain
December 28    Orientation
January 5    Day Trip to Córdoba  
January 7    Spanish Holiday (No classes)
January 10    Mid-Term Exam
January 12-13    Excursion to Granada
January 18    Final Exam and Farewell Party
January 19     End of the Term, Accommodation Checkout, and First Possible Day to Depart

Winterim 2019 Program Cost*

  • $3,800 for Wisconsin Residents, Minnesota Residents, and Students from Co-Op Institutions
  • $3,920 for UW-Platteville Tri-State Initiative Students
  • $4,100 for Non-Residents

Winterm 2019 Program Cost Includes

  • UW-Platteville Education Abroad program fees and support services before, during, and after the program
  • SAIIE full-time tuition and fees
  • Airport reception and on-site orientation
  • 24/7 on-site support throughout the term
  • Accommodation with most meals and one load of laundry per week
  • Mandatory CISI health and medical evacuation insurance
  • Program excursions and activities (to be determined)
  • Welcome and Farewell meals

Winterim 2019 Out-of-Pocket Costs Include

  • U.S. Passport ($135)
  • Airfare (estimated at $1,000)
  • Meals not includes with accommodation (estimated at $50)
  • Mandatory International Student Identification Card (ISIC) ($25)
  • Local transportation (estimated at $50)
  • School supplies and books (estimated at $25)
  • Additional travel and personal expenses (will vary based on students' spending habits, travel plans before or after the program, etc.)

*Costs subject to change, please contact Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. for the most up-to-date program costs.

Financial Aid

FAQ's for Non-Platteville Students

Financial aid is available to all students, depending on their eligibility. The amount of financial aid you can receive depends on a number of factors, including whether you are currently receiving it for studying at your home campus in the US and how much you are currently receiving, as well as the additional costs of studying abroad which are taken into account when calculating how much financial aid you are eligible for. Even if students are not currently receiving financial aid, they may want to consider applying for it for the academic year during which they plan to study abroad. Please note that the amount of financial aid you receive is decided by your home university/ college, and may vary according to different universities. Students should visit the financial aid office of their home university to learn more.   

Below you’ll find links to a number of scholarships and grants for which you may apply to assist in financing your study abroad program. Some may only be available to students who fit certain criteria (a particular major or location, for example), so please read the information carefully prior to applying.                                                                                              


Please note: Students may apply for no more than one SAIIE scholarship.

Scholarships for all students 

SAIIE Student Athlete Scholarship  - (Only NCAA Division II and Division I athletes are eligible for the scholarship)
SAIIE is now offering during spring and fall terms, Sports scholarships available to all students participating in any of the SAIIE Sports programs, which is taken away from the overall program cost (not the sports fees).  Each scholarship is worth $1000.

SAIIE Academic Scholarship
SAIIE is now offering during our Winterim term, academic scholarships. Students must have a minimum 3.5 GPA.  Each scholarship is worth $500.

SAIIE Alumni Scholarship
Siblings or any other family member of SAIIE alumni receive a 10% discount if they enroll in a SAIIE semester or any other short term program offered at SAIIE (Summer or Winterim). 

Scholarships for UW-Platteville students (Only) 

SAIIE offers during spring and fall terms, UW-Platteville students the chance to win scholarships worth $1,650 for their semester or academic year abroad on the SAIIE program. To apply for this scholarship, students must be a full-time degree-seeking UW-Platteville student in the semesters before and after having taken part in the SAIIE program.


Scholarships for specific Universities 

SAIIE offers to students from all of the Universities listed below the chance to win scholarships worth up to $300 for a Winter term abroad and $500 during the summer sessions on the SAIIE program. To learn more click on each link:

Clarke University Scholarship
Neumann Scholarship
University of Dubuque Scholarship
UW-Lacrosse Scholarship
UW-Oshkosh Scholarship
UW-River Falls Scholarship
UW-Whitewater Scholarship
Wisconsin Lutheran College Scholarship


Corinne Jeannine Schillings Study Abroad Scholarship
The Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation supports undergraduate study abroad experience by providing $1,000 scholarships for academic year, semester, or summer study abroad programs. Study Abroad Study Abroad Scholarships Scholarships are open to any full-time undergraduate student at a university or community college based in the Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom or the United States. Economically disadvantaged students, African-American/Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Multiracial/ethnic or Indigenous/Native-American, students with disabilities and first generation college undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to apply.  

Gilman International Scholarship Program
The Gilman Scholarship Program provides up to $5,000 to U.S. citizen undergraduates from two-and four- year institutions. It aims to support students who have been traditionally underrepresented in study abroad. Must receive a Federal Pell Grant to be eligible.

Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship
Scholarships are awarded twice per year.  Each scholarship is worth $500. The Go Overseas scholarship is open to current students who will be enrolled in a study abroad program during the coming academic year. Recipients must be successfully accepted into a study abroad program.

National Scholarship Databases
The following websites list hundreds of additional scholarship opportunities. Please note that students are responsible for applying to the scholarship provider directly, but SAIIE can help to provide any necessary proof of enrollment or other application materials.

UW-Platteville International Study Scholarship
All full time degree seeking UW-Platteville students may apply for a UW-Platteville International Study Scholarship.  Students must be participating on an approved education abroad program.  UW-Platteville students may qualify for a $300 scholarship for Winterim, Spring break, or Summer Programs.  However, if they demonstrate financial need, they may qualify for a $500 scholarship for Winterim, Spring break, or Summer Programs.  UW-Platteville students may qualify for a $1000 scholarship for semester or academic year programs.  Non-residents with demonstrated financial need may qualify for a $1300 scholarship for semester or academic year programs. Wisconsin residents with demonstrated financial need may qualify for a $2000 scholarship for semester or academic year programs.

FAQ's for Non-Platteville Students


Can financial aid apply to study abroad?
Yes, it can. Some to all of your financial aid may apply to your study abroad program.

I have never received financial aid before; am I eligible?
You might be. Since study abroad usually involves higher costs, you may have increased financial need. Consider a federal education loan, you may be eligible. We do not recommend financing study abroad with credit. Visit your home school financial aid office for advice.

How do I apply for financial aid for study abroad from my home college?
Contact your home school's Financial Aid office. Some universities and colleges will allow you to apply for some or all of your institutional aid as well as your federal aid for your study abroad program costs. Others will process federal loans to help you finance your study abroad through UW-Platteville in the form of a Consortium Agreement.

What if my home institution won't give me financial aid to study abroad?
You might still be able to obtain financial aid funding by applying directly to UW-Platteville as a "full admit" student. UW-Platteville can process federal and state funds for which you are eligible, including the Federal Stafford Loan, the Federal PLUS (parent) loan, and the Federal Pell Grant.