Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Credits, Grading, and Transcripts

Academic Credit

Credits are certified by UW-Platteville and will be validated on an official UW-Platteville transcript at the end of the semester. Credits earned also become part of an official academic record at UW-Platteville.

While all credits should be transferable, please note that if you wish any of your courses to fulfill specific requirements for your major, minor, or general education, you must seek the necessary approval from the appropriate person(s) from your home campus.

Non UW-Platteville Students
When you are accepted into SAIIE you should inform your academic advisor and study abroad office at your home campus about your intent to go abroad on our program.

You will remain enrolled at your home institution as a "degree-seeking" student. We will enroll you at UW-Platteville for only the term you are going abroad as a "special student."

After being accepted on our program you will need to identify the courses you would like to take at SAIIE and find out what paperwork is necessary from your home campus to ensure transfer credit.

Most campuses have a document or form for you to complete. This form may be called something like "international study course approval form" or "study abroad transfer credit form." You must complete this form in full with all necessary and appropriate signatures (from academic advisors and department chairs) to ensure credit transfer.

To acquire approval, some department chairs at your home campus may request to see course descriptions for the courses you intend to take abroad, or the syllabi for approving transfer credit for a articular course. Please see here for a full list of course descriptions and syllabi.

At the end of the term you will receive one official UW-Platteville transcript for the term abroad on a UW-Platteville program. This transcript will be sent to your home school's Registrar's or Admission's Office for transfer credit.

Grading System & Transcripts

SAIIE Grading System & Transcripts
SAIIE students are graded according to the specified criteria in each syllabus. Generally speaking, for each course there are three exams per semester. In addition to this, there will be various quizzes, oral presentations and pieces of homework that each student must complete. Assistance is also an important factor which we take into account when grading students.

All students participating in the SAIIE program will be issued a grade report upon completion of the program which will be sent to the address requested by the student. They will also be issued an official transcript from UW-Platteville.

Only one official transcript is provided by the Institute for Study Abroad Programs office. For information on how to request another official UW-Platteville transcript for a student who has completed a program with SAIIE please visit the UW-Platteville Registrar's Office website at:

SAIIE uses the following academic grading:

97 – 100  A+     77 - 79  C+

93 – 96    A       73 - 76  C

90 – 92    A-      70 - 72  C-

87 – 89    B+     67 - 69  D+

83 – 86    B       63 - 66  D

80 – 82    B-      60 - 62  D-

           Below 60  F

University of Seville  and EUSA Grading System & Transcripts
University of Sevilla transcripts will be forwarded to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville from 1 to 3 months after courses are completed. UW-Platteville will then convert the grading scale to the U.S. Grade Equivalent and forward transcripts to the home institution and the credits earned also become part of an official academic record at UW-Platteville. Please remember that all classes taken at Universidad de Sevilla will be awarded 3 semester credits. 

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville will use the World Education Services (WES) grade conversion for Spain as follows to convert your grades from the University of Seville and EUSA:

Grading Scale

Scale U.S. Grade Equiv.
9-10 A
8-8.9 A-
7-7.9 B+
6-6.9 B
5.5-5.9 B-
5.0-5.4 C
4-4.9 F


Revised Equivalency Grade Description U.S. Grade Equiv.
Matrícula de Honor (with Honors) A
Sobresaliente (Outstanding) A
Notable (Notable) B+
Aprobado (Pass) B-
Suspenso (Failure) F