Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Student Testimonials

"I could write a book about how much I enjoyed my experience in the SAIIE program!"

sierra92I could write a book about how much I enjoyed my experience in the SAIIE program! I am a student-athlete at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. At SAIIE I was able to go to class each day and have practice 3 times a week at Club Nautico with a fun 5 on 5 game on the weekend too! I took Third-Year Intensive Writing class. I have been speaking Spanish for only 2 years now in college and the class was perfect for me. I have had 4 different Spanish classes now and this one honestly at SAIIE was the best one by far! It is different having a native speaker and Spanish being her first language. I found it so interesting that when we were going over homework and she was looking at her copy for answers, I noticed that her paper was COMPLETELY BLANK… She had no answers written down, because she literally knows everything of course! That gave me confidence that I am learning from the best there is! It coudn't get any better than this. I've heard that the class size changes each year at SAIIE but I was happy with the 3 people in my class. It was great 1on1 attention. For instance, for 2 weeks straight I waited after class and I went over my paper with my teacher every single day. I coudn't do that back at my University because of time and so many other classes my professor had to attend. In class we went over grammer, some of our assignments had us go out in the streets and talk to other natives which was a lot of fun and got me out of my comfort zone! We were able to watch spanish movies in class as well and learn more about the culture and comedy/romance that spaniards watch. After I went home, ate some great food provided by my host family, did my homework, it is almost time for baloncesto! This was the coolest experience because I had never played basketball with people who don't speak english!!!! I had to listen in a different way, I had to pay attention to body language, gestures more than I ever have! The girls on the team were so so sweet and they enjoyed learning some English as they taught me Spanish! It was interesting learning more about their culture and what they do as 18+ year old women. I quickly got out of my comfort zone with Spanish and if I messed up they laughed and I laughed with them and then they corrected me! I could go on and on about this program. I am so grateful I could go and I wish I could go every year if I could! The staff is so great and helfpul. If I needed anything or advice they were able to help me without any hesitation. Thank you for this unforgettable opportunity!

Sierra Jones
Belmont University
Summer 2016 - Session I


"When I discovered the program that SAIIE offered contained everything my previous study abroad had offered and also had the swimming component, I decided it would be a great program in which to participate."

TylerswimmingI chose to come to this trip because the summer before I took part in a study abroad trip to a different city in Spain. Having enjoyed that trip immensely, I decided that I wanted to participate in another study abroad trip to a different part of Spain. Being a competitive swimmer for my university’s varsity swim team, it was not ideal to be out of the water for 4-5 consecutive weeks. For me, I didn’t think I would do another study abroad because I did not want to miss an entire month of training over the summer again. However, when I discovered the program that SAIIE offered contained everything my previous study abroad had offered and also had the swimming component, I decided it would be a great program in which to participate. When I arrived in Seville, I could immediately tell that this city was wonderful. All the people of Seville are extremely nice and welcoming and were glad to help me get used to the city. My first day in Seville, I swam my first practice at Club Nautico. I was a little bit nervous going my first day, but I quickly realized that the training and swimming with Nautico wasn’t too hard to get used to and I quickly became friends with some of the other swimmers. They were all extremely nice and hardworking and were glad to help me understand the practices and were always glad to stay after practice and help me with my spanish speaking skills. The swimming is at a high level and is great training for any committed college athlete. In addition to the swimming, SAIIE offers out of the classroom activities everyday and will always keep you engaged. One of the highlights of this trip was to be a part of the soccer celebration for Fútbol Club Sevilla. A massive celebration in the city center in which the team came through the city on the top of a bus and all the fans were cheering for them. This program offers everything that an ordinary study abroad would offer while also offering the incredible opportunity of keeping your training in mind while experiencing your sport in a different country and learning how it is viewed and done in Spain.

Tyler Gimple
University of Mary Washington 
Summer 2016 - Session I 


"The Spanish American Insitute of International Education, or SAIIE, gave me a cultural experience that I will never be able to experience after I graduate from college."

ChristianI would like to thank the school for everything that it has done for me. The Spanish American Insitute of International Education, or SAIIE, gave me a cultural experience that I will never be able to experience after I graduate from college. The staff at that school is filled with some of the most diverse, heartwarming, considerate people that I have ever had the privilege of meeting. The professors make time no matter what situation in order to accommodate students and truly make them feel as if they're in another family, a second family if you well.

Stuart, Samantha, and Sean add to the school and it's program a welcoming environment for any and all students who decide to attend. The assistants also plan out the weekly events that are just as diverse and fun as the staff members. Not a single week, besides exam weeks, did we not have the opportunity to culturally submerge ourselves into Spain, it's culture, lifestyle, food, and nightlife.

If I had the possibility to, I would apply for another semester to study abroad in Seville, Spain, at SAIIE. The experience that I had there makes me wish that it was just a couple minutes away. For those interested in studying abroad in Spain or in general: do not miss this opportunity. If you want to experience something new in your life or even just want to study abroad in another country, go to the SAIIE. I promise you that you will have a breathtakingly positive experience and will be yearning to go back afterwards.

Christian Sanchez-Alcantar
Spring 2016

"Saiie was an extraordinary experience for me."

moroccoSaiie was an extraordinary experience for me. I loved to learn there even more than before. Classes there could be challenging at times however an experience nonetheless. I loved that in Artistic monuments of Seville we actually went to the place for a more hands on learning experience. My home there was on near the center and also near alameda so I was in a great location. My host mom was the best! Her food was amazing, she was very funny and helped me with my Spanish while I helped her with some English. She made my roommate and I feel at home. The program activities and trips were very fun and helped us get to explore more. I loved the cooking class when we learned to make paella. 

Alexis Lee
High Point University 
Spring 2016


"Overall my experience at SAIIE was amazing."

TemmyI really enjoyed the housing experience at SAIIE, staying with a family that only speaks Spanish really forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you learn many new things. Staying with a host family also helped my Spanish improve significantly. I really enjoyed the several activities SAIIE had planned for us throughout the week. Everyday SAIIE had an activity planned that was located somewhere in the city of Seville, lead by a staff member. These daily activities helped me learn more about Seville and Spain in general while also helping me develop new friendships. These activities really helped me learn my way around Seville. Not only did SAIIE provide me with these daily activities, they also provided an opportunity to volunteer at a local school, have an internship, and also have an Intercambio (Language exchange). I participated in volunteering as well as meeting with an Intercambio. I loved both of these activities and it quickly became two activities I looked forward to every week. The teachers and staff at SAIIE are all very welcoming and friendly. Each day I was greeted with a smile from all the staff at SAIIE. All the staff very knowledgeable and willing to help whenever you needed it. Overall my experience at SAIIE was amazing. This program really goes above and beyond to make your study abroad program an enjoyable one. I am so glad I picked this program.

Temmy Lawson
UW-River Falls 
Spring 2016


"Like I mentioned before, this experience has changed my life. I can't explain exactly how, but I know that I am different, better, and more complete version of myself than when I first embarked on my study abroad experience."

Reda and Alex

The experience I have had has been incredible and if I could go back and do it all again, I would. On September 1st, 2015, I embarked on a journey that was going to be full of new friends, ups, downs, adventures, and things that I couldn’t even imagine. It changed my life completely. I have met some amazing people from all over the world: Germany, England, Turkey, Brazil, Morocco, and many more places. Despite meeting and hanging out with all those incredible people from around the world, the two things I am going to cherish most are the Americans that I’ve met through SAIIE and my Spanish friends that I’ve met. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people from all over those two countries and share unforgettable memories with them that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life—and to all you Americans and Spaniards, I want to say one thing to you: thank you, I’ll never forget you and the memories we´ve shared. You all have had an incredible impact on my life in a way that I wish I could find words for, I hope to see as many of you as possible as soon as possible!

Being able to call Seville, Spain my home has given me great pride and opened my eyes to the world; I have seen, experienced, and learned so many things relating to Spanish and Andalusian culture, and through my travels, cultures I never expected to see and experience. When I went to Morocco for the first time, my dad even said to me “Wow! That’s awesome!! You’re the first Kozlowski on the African Continent.” Some pretty cool stuff, and I had never even thought of going to Morocco… but I couldn’t be more glad that I did. The most important thing that happened to me throughout this experience was learning about myself. Like I mentioned before, this experience has changed my life. I can’t explain exactly how, but I know that I am different, better, and more complete version of myself than when I first embarked on my study abroad experience. If I have learned one thing during this trip it’s that small talk and a conversation can take you to the craziest places and help you meet the most interesting people. If I were to give one piece of advice it would be to get out there and travel, meet new people and experience life. We tend to get caught up in our daily lives and forget that this planet we live on is massive, diverse, and incredibly beautiful. I have experienced a lot of things, and if you want to pick my brain apart about what it’s like to live in a new culture, what it’s like to travel alone or with people, or whatever, don’t hesitate to talk to me! I am more than willing to talk about my experiences and reminisce.

Mi Sevilla bonita, gracias para todas las memorias que hemos tenido juntos, me robó el corazón y puedes guardarlo. Te he dejado, pero nunca me dejarás. Nos vemos pronto. NO8DO// My beautiful Seville, thank you for all of the memories we have had together, you robbed my heart and you can keep it. I have left you, but you will never leave me. We’ll see each other soon. NO8DO

Alex Kozlowski
High Point University
Fall 2015


"Studying abroad through SAIIE for five weeks of the summer in Seville, Spain, was a trip of a lifetime that I had the privilege to experience."

ZanderStudying abroad through SAIIE for five weeks of the summer in Seville, Spain, was a trip of a lifetime that I had the privilege to experience. The main motivation that drove me to embark on this excursion was to improve my Spanish language skills…and so I did and much more! The cultural activities that SAIIE encouraged were very exciting and informative. The amazing opportunities, such as visiting unique antique stores, observing historic buildings like the bell tower “La Giralda”, and even travelling to Portugal for a weekend of fun was truly memorable and priceless. I made new friends along the way and enjoyed the unique cuisine that Seville’s restaurants offered. Lastly, my housemother was very friendly and helpful throughout my entire stay in Spain: comfortable living accommodations, preparation of delicious meals, and provided guidance through the city. This study abroad opportunity helped me gain a unique perspective on world cultural awareness; it has taught me that knowing a second language opens many doors to opportunity and adventure throughout life. I have been inspired to continue my education with the Spanish language and to continue travelling to other countries around the world. I hope to return again someday! Until then, ¡Viva España!  

Zander Gunderson
Summer 2015


"My experience would not have gone as smoothly or been as incredible without the kindness of the staff at SAIIE"

Steph testimonialEveryone told me that studying abroad would change my life. It’s not that I didn’t believe them; I just truly didn’t understand the impact this experience would have on me. My experience would not have gone as smoothly or been as incredible without the kindness of the staff at SAIIE. They were there to help us every step of the way, and made sure that we got everything we wanted out of our study abroad experience. Not only did I get to practice my Spanish skills with my amazing host mom Charo, but I also had the opportunity to get to know some native Sevillaños through our intercambio program. I took 4 out of my 5 classes in Spanish, and had the chance to meet some amazing professors whose relationship with their students goes far beyond the classroom. I had the opportunity to see and experience first- hand some of the most famous cultural events to occur in Sevilla (Semana Santa and Feria). I had the opportunity to travel throughout Spain as well as to Portugal and Morocco with my fellow classmates, strangers that quickly turned into family. But even more valuable than the lessons I learned inside the classroom were the lessons I learned outside the classroom. I learned that people are people; you can grow up across the world from each other, speak different languages, and have different cultures and beliefs, but we are all connected in one way or another. Whether it be a shared love for the same futbol team, or love for the same beautiful city, we can all find the similarities that bond us together despite our differences. Most importantly, I learned that “home” becomes more than just a word, and means so much more than where you live. It is the feeling you get when you are in a place that has captured your heart, somewhere that makes you feel happy, safe, free, and alive. Even if I never return to Sevilla again (which is unlikely), Sevilla will always be my home. Even though leaving Sevilla was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, I am so lucky to have had something special enough to make saying goodbye so hard. Anyone who is lucky enough to be able to go to Sevilla through this program should definitely take advantage of it, because it was the most amazing study abroad experience I could have ever hoped for.

Stephanie Ziolkowski
High Point University
Spring 2015


“It is impossible to put into words how much my study abroad experience to Sevilla with SAIIE means to me…”

Angie testimonialWhen I left my home in January to spend 4 months studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain, I knew the experience would change my life…but nothing could have prepared me for the magnitude of that change.  I have been back in the United States for a month now and the girl who left for Spain that night in mid-January is completely different than the one typing these words on a sunny June day.  Studying abroad taught me so much more than just the things I learned in classes; it taught me a different way to view the people and culture of Spain, the world, life, and myself.  Aside from the fact that Sevilla is an absolutely gorgeous city that is home to many significant historical and cultural landmarks; I felt that my experience through SAIIE gave me a perspective very different than that of a tourist on the outside looking in.  The homestay experience was amazing and my Senora generously opened her home to me in a way that made me feel completely comfortable.  She was sweet, kind, loving, and caring.  The intercambio program helped me to meet the "locals", and practice and strengthen my Spanish skills.  SAIIE did an amazing job of letting us figure out the city on our own, while also helping us along the way when we needed it.  One of my favorite parts of SAIIE’s program was all of the travelling we got to do.  We had frequent day trips to cities in Andalusia and 3 major weekend trips to Granada, Portugal, and Morocco.  These trips were inexpensive and well-planned out and we didn’t have to stress about any of the travel, accommodations, or tour plans.  Even with the many planned trips, I still had plenty of time to travel and experience Spain on my own.  The staff at SAIIE were always available and went above and beyond to make sure that your needs were met-whether it be helping to plan trips, recommending restaurants, or just being there if you wanted to talk.  It is impossible to put into words how much my study abroad experience to Sevilla with SAIIE means to me, but I can tell you that I truly believe I would not have had the same life-changing experience with any other program.  Sevilla captured my heart, and I hope to return one day soon to retrieve it.

Angela  Ziolkowski
High Point University
Spring 2015

“Great academic experience for a study abroad program”

Mishiah testimonial


It was rigorous and intense for some parts. The program offered classes that related to my major and I was able to earn credits. I gained a new experience on life and the cultures of other people. It was well worth my time and I would love to do it again.

Mishiah Toe
Bethel University
Spring 2015


cassierice"My time with SAIIE was nothing short of life changing."

My Senior year I decided to travel abroad, during the three-week winter program with SAIIE.  Spain hadn’t been my first choice but it allowed me to save money as well as practice my Spanish.  My time in Spain was so incredible that I decided to apply for an internship with SAIIE for the summer following in the student affairs office.  My internship with SAIIE was an adventure that I will never forget.  The staff at SAIIE was extremely welcoming and accommodating.  I worked mainly with Sean, Samantha, and Elena who all were incredibly patient and nice.  They always made sure I had something to due and challenged me to be better.  In hindsight, the internship itself was a great resume builder.  Putting this internship on my resume has played an integral part of acquiring a job within in my field after college.  While I was job hunting, I noticed more and more positions wanting people who were either bilingual or spoke Spanish.  This is just another benefit to SAIIE’s internship.  You will constantly have the opportunity to practice your Spanish with the staff, locals, and your host Mom.  

One of the best parts to this internship for me was being able to work with the students while going on the daily excursions and weekend trips.  Not only were these trips amazing and educational but getting to know everyone was so much fun.  The weekend trip to Portugal will forever remain one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever taken.  There were also opportunities some weekends to do trips on your own and explore a bit.  I took full advantage of this and traveled to surrounding cities such as Malaga via the train. 

Although there is much of this world to see, I highly suggest making SAIIE either the beginning of your travel log or a part of it.  The friends I made, the adventures I had, and the amazing Spanish culture will always be one of the best times of my life.  I will always be thankful to SAIIE for giving me the opportunity to create such wonderful memories.  

Cassie Rice
  Winterim 2015


studenttestimonial"Spanish, Spanish, Spanish. The number one thing I learned to do while living in Spain was to speak Spanish"

Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish.  The number one thing I learned to do while living in Spain was to speak Spanish.

Though I had taken three years of Spanish in high school, and two years of Spanish in college, nothing could prepare me for my first day alone abroad, traveling from the Madrid airport to Sevilla.  As I arrived in Sevilla, the other study abroad students and I were greeted by Samantha from SAIIE, who helped us get taxis and told the drivers where we had to go (our new homes for the next 4 months). 

I remember my first time meeting Mari Carmen (my host mother). She was waving to me from her window as I, completely confused, was walking to the apartment entrance.  I was greeted at the front door by Mari Carmen and her daughter Carmelita.  Mari Carmen helped me get settled into my room, showed me where to put my things. Although this was very difficult since my Spanish wasn’t as good as previously thought, but we managed to communicate.

About two hours later my roommate Britta arrived.  She looked like an angel carrying her huge backpack and suitcase! Finally someone who would be with me and struggle through the language barrier just as much as I am.  Little did I know, her Spanish was amazingly good! For the next month she became my translator and my teacher. 

Mari Carmen would at first laugh at me because I would just sit there and watch everyone as they talked; this was my way of learning.  I quickly began to understand what these people were saying. It was the grammar and putting the sentences together that was the hardest part.  Luckily, I had Virginia, my Spanish teacher at SAIIE.  Although on the first day of class I broke down into tears, because I was so confused when reading the syllabus, she became my very own personal tutor for the next three months.  Virginia is the reason I could go home on a Friday afternoon and tell Mari Carmen, I hope she had a good weekend (using the subjunctive form, of course).

I can’t forget about all the fun trips we were able to go on with and without the help of the school.  Riding camels in Morocco, touring the Alhambra, and climbing all the stairs of the Eiffel tower.  Also I can’t forget about Regla the receptionist at SAIIE.  I had a special liking for her; she became almost like another mother to me while in Spain.  She would always remind me to wear sunscreen before walking home and talk about Arnie (my boyfriend) with me.

Basically, now I love Spain and can’t wait to go back.  Without all of these people to help me I don’t know how I would have survived almost four months in Seville.  

Taylor Matthias
Fall 2014


sherriemorocco"SAIIE is a suitable program for the student seeking cultural immersion, yet hesitant to jump off the deep end."

As someone with a reserved personality, it was helpful to me that the SAIIE program offers opportunities to travel to neighboring cities & countries, and meet local young adults. Living with a Spanish family helped me improve my Spanish conversation skills, introduced me to new foods, and demonstrated that though cultures are different, the needs, wants, and desires of others are very similar. After school events, such as museum visits or neighborhood tours, introduced me to the culture of Sevilla. While studying abroad a vast amount learning happens outside of the classroom; SAIIE does a proficient job of facilitating this kind of education, and optimizing opportunities for students to take part in local happenings.

Sherrie Hoogland
UW-River Falls
Fall 2014


"Studying abroad in Sevilla Spain through  SAIIE has been one of the best experiences of my life"

taylor2Studying abroad in Sevilla Spain through SAIIE has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being fully immersed in the Spanish culture from day one until the day I got on the plane to come home, really changed my view of the world and taught me a lot about myself and how I can adapt to another culture and way of life. My favorite trip was to Morocco where we rode camels, walked around, and ate authentic Moroccan cous cous, which was delicious! While I loved all of the cool trips we went on, one of the things I enjoyed most was simply walking through the city every day to get to school. Seeing all the beautiful buildings and observing the people was a great way to learn about the Spanish culture. One of my favorite classes I took while in Spain was Artistic Monuments. I really enjoyed this class because we walked around the city, touring the buildings, and learning about their history and artistic characteristics, which was very interesting. I loved every one of my teachers and really miss my classes and everyone from Spain. My semester abroad is something I will never forget. I am looking forward to returning to Spain in the future!

Taylor McAuliffe
High Point University
Spring 2014


Alec"Playing soccer in Spain was a dream come true in my life."  

The opportunity that SAIIE gave me was once in a lifetime and it was something no soccer player should miss out on.  I practiced with the team three times a week and played in two friendly games.  I noticed right away the fast paced nature of the game, not necessarily the physical speed of the players, but the movement of the ball.  Everyone's touch was perfect and challenging each other in practice was something I had to get used to right away. I made new friends while training with the team and was forced to speak the native language, which was a great experience for me to.  I came in halfway through their season, but they were very respectful in letting me in and encouraging me throughout the rest of the semester.  I'm grateful of the opportunity SAIIE gave me and will always remember that semester playing semi-pro soccer in Spain for the rest of my life.

Alec Faulkner
Christopher Newport University
Spring 2014


“...and the memories I had will be with me forever”

Brooke  RichesWhen I first decided to do this study abroad program I was scared out of my mind...I cried when I left my mom and grandparents at the airport. I had never actually been away from home before except for college.

Spain and this program changed me. I discovered something that I wanted all along. I wanted to change and I noticed I had changed. I was dressing like a Sevillan and I had my routine and my friends. My senora was like a second mom to me and ultimately I discovered that I loved Sevilla. I loved the people and the culture and the architecture. By the end of my trip I had learned so much about myself and about life and Spanish culture in general. I had made some lifelong friends and my senora and I had bonded so much.

All of the trips I took and the memories I had will be with me forever. I became more outgoing and independent and assertive. The SAIIE staff is so nice and the professors will teach you so much. If you need anything at all, they are all willing to help. This is the chance of a life time and it is something everyone should experience.

Brooke Riches
UW-River Falls
Fall 2013


“No me ha dejado”

Samantha  Pratt“No me ha dejado,” means it has not left me. My study abroad in Sevilla with SAIIE changed my life. It opened my eyes to the beauty and history of the world in addition to making me a global citizen. There are two kinds of travelers in the world: tourists and global citizens. Tourists visit places for the sites and desire to have “a taste” of the culture. But the problem lies here: they experience culture and daily life from a distance. SAIIE motivates you to travel, learn, and live as a global citizen. You immerse yourself in “la vida Sevillana,” and the experience will never leave you. While taking classes, I saw breathtaking sights, tried many new things, learned about myself, greatly improved my speaking skills, and met individuals who will forever be in my heart. For example, Señora Elena opened her home to me and she is and always will be my second mother. She told me, in Spanish of course, “If you ever return to Sevilla, you will always have a bed in our house!” This is an example of the relationship that SAIIE enables you to have. In addition to the supportive and enthusiastic staff who is always there to help, the fellow students that you meet in your time abroad will never leave you. I looked forward to being in class every day because I was learning information that was incredibly relevant and beneficial to my future and I was spending time with truly wonderful people- the professors, the directors, and the students. I am so thankful that I chose SAIIE; the program helped me become a global citizen - a status that I am striving to instill in my students that I teach in my Spanish classroom.

Samantha Pratt
Summer 2013


“ abroad has been one of the best decisions of my life so far”

colleen3Living with a family
Living with a family for me was a great and rewarding experience. It helped me become more immersed in the language as well as learn about spanish culture on a deeper level.  I would recommend living with a family to anyone who wants to study abroad, you will gain a new perspective and outlook on life.

The classes at SAIIE were very engaging!  The professors are very passionate and attentive towards teaching their students.  Instead of learning just in the classroom we would often go out and see what we are learning about.  Exploring the Cathedral, the Alcazar, Palacio de Lebrija and more during class was one of the best things about studying abroad.

The activities
SAIIE offers a variety of different activities for its students such as trips to places such as Granada, Cordoba, even Lisbon.  I will never forget the trip I took to Ronda and touring the bull ring and the sites around the city.  One of our professors accompanied us and led us on one of the best in depth tours I've ever been on.

The Staff
SAIIE has a staff that really cares about their students and helping them gain the most out of their study abroad experience. I will never forget in my intercambio class going out of the classroom and talking to strangers in spanish.  It was an experience that really helped develop my spanish that I couldn't do at home.

Deciding to study abroad has been one of the best decisions of my life so far.  From this experience at SAIIE I have become more independent and confident in who I am.  Living in Seville has given me a new perspective in life that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  If you are considering studying abroad I would highly recommend it, it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

Colleen Henke
High Point University
Spring 2013


"Housing with Spanish family"

Chelsea HaaseOne of the most rewarding things that I took away from my study abroad experience was my relationship with my senora. I felt that by living with a Spanish family, my experience went so much deeper than an American student simply learning at a Spanish school. There were so many reasons I loved my senora! She was an amazing cook and I do not think that I would have tried nearly as much of the delicious Spanish cuisine if it were not for her. I was able to talk with my senora if I was feeling homesick or was upset about something that happened during my day. I consulted my senora with questions on homework or on other places to travel around Sevilla. I learned about her family and about her life as a young woman growing up in Spain.

My favorite night of the week was Monday night when we had a weekly date to watch her favorite telenovela. :) The fact that I was able to build this deep, meaningful relationship all in Spanish was something that I took a lot of pride in. Until my senora, I had never had such complex conversations with someone who only spoke Spanish before. I always had the option in class of reverting back to English if I was completely stuck on a word or train of thought. I was finally fluent! Talking to her really helped me to have a lot more confidence in my Spanish skills and I started speaking more to random people throughout Sevilla. I would recommend to anyone thinking about studying abroad to live in a home stay situation!

Chelsea Haase
Fall 2012