Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Service learning opportunities

We have connections to many local businesses, schools, universities and sports teams in Seville among other types of institutions, and so are able to arrange community service projects upon request. In spring 2014 Carleton College, MN, came for a faculty led program with us in which they spent 3 weeks setting up and running a sports camp at a local school, Colegio Lora Tamayo. They taught a variety of American sports (hockey, basketball, American football, etc.) to the schoolkids who were aged between 6 and 14 years old.

“The project enables students to go into a Spanish primary school where they interact with Spanish children providing a mutually beneficial learning opportunity.”

Clearly, each of these projects involves an English language component, which is one of the priorities of the Spanish school. In all projects except construction, the activities carried out involve the American students and Spanish children working together, not only benefiting from the activity itself, but also from speaking in English/Spanish and learning about a new culture. For many of these children, it will be the first time they ever meet someone from outside Spain.

The activities that the students carry out at the school are flexible, and can include any of the following:


  • Students with an interest in sport are able to plan and carry out sporting activities with the children.

  • They can use the desired equipment to make the camp successful, and are given a choice of indoor or outdoor sporting facilities at given school.

  • We have already done this in the past with Carleton College and have had lots of success with this type of activity.


  • Students interested in teaching English as a foreign language are able to assist in english classes.

  • They can come up with activities that will hopefully help the children with their language acquisition.


  • Students studying in the area of nutrition can run classes where they share their knowledge with the children.

  • This can be in relation to what the children are already being taught, but could also be tailored to students´areas of expertise.


  • Particularly for students studying or interested in art. Useful where school facilities are really old and run down.

  • This project is extremely creative and will enable the students and children to work together to paint murals on some of the walls both inside and outside the school.


  • This is the only project that has to be carried out without the help of the Spanish children but it provides a big help the school and the children, and this can be combined with an English language project.

  • Ideal for students studying around the area of construction. For example: students of carpentry.