Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Fall

International Studies & Contemporary Hispanic Studies

This program is designed for students that have a basic level or lower intermediate level of Spanish, so there are no language prerequisites required. The program has been put together to offer American students their first experience with Spanish culture and its historical, social and economic context.
Language Requirement: No prior knowledge of Spanish required

Liberal Arts, Business & Spanish Language & Culture
This program is designed for students that have a minimum high intermediate level of Spanish, and for those who want to combine their academic experience with the total cultural immersion through the extra curricular activities offered by our program.
Language Requirement: 5 semester college – level Spanish 

Advanced Spanish Language & Culture
This program is designed for students that have an advanced level of Spanish and for those who want the challenge to perfect their knowledge of the language and the distinct features of Spanish culture.
Language Requirement: 6 semester college – level Spanish 


Communication, New Media, Journalism & Tourism
This program offers students the opportunity to experience international education in two different environments: the SAIIE campus and EUSA (la Escuela Universitaria de Sevilla). At EUSA, the students will be able to share classes with both Spanish students and students from other European countries, which will help them to achieve an even deeper level of cultural immersion.

Students at the EUSA Campus will take courses in the following areas:

  • Audiovisual Communications: History, Technology, Writing, Culture, Advertising, Publications, Scripting, Film-Making, Spanish for Communications, Media Studies, Art, Cinema, and Business
  • Journalism: Creative Writing, Art, Media, Law, Political Science, History, Language, New Reporting, Advertising, Public Relations, Cyber Culture
  • Publication: Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Media Studies, Photography, Sociology, Art, Design, Geography, and Ethics
  • Tourism: Operations, Management, Business, Statistics, Law, German for Tourism, French for Tourism, Human Resources, Marketing, Political Science, and Computer Science.

Language Requirement: No prior knowledge of Spanish required. However, In the case of applying for classes offered at EUSA in Spanish, the student should have an advanced level (minimum 6 semesters in University) to be able to follow the class in a suitable way.



Intensive Spanish Language
The Intensive Language Track is designed for students on the beginning and intermediate levels who want to focus solely on the acquisition of Spanish.
Language Requirement: 2-3 years of high-school Spanish or 1 semester college – level Spanish.