Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Program Logistics


We offer home-stays or accommodation in hotels or hostels. University dorms are also available in the summer. However, SAIIE usually recommends home-stays with Spanish families as the preferred living arrangements, as this is a key part of the cultural immersion and integration part of the program. All students staying with a Spanish family are placed in carefully screened Spanish homes, usually in pairs. This helps students make the most of their intercultural experience as students improve their language skills at a much quicker pace when given the opportunity to talk with their host families every day and increase their cultural awareness. With this option, meals are provided by the Spanish host family from Sunday night through to Friday lunch.

We provide professors with their own appartments.


The visiting institution has access to the following facilities within the SAIIE building for teaching their courses:

       SAIIEfront         classroom                                                        

  • computers

  • Seven Classrooms
  • Two quiet study rooms
  • Computer lab and Wifi
  • Five Administrative offices
  • Plasma TV's
  • DVD and CD players
  • DVD library
  • CD projectors


We provide professors with shared office space, a computer, and internet access within the SAIIE building in the city centre of Seville.