Application Deadline



May1, 2020 


SESSION I:                           June 13 - June 27 (2 weeks)
SESSION II:                          June 13 - July 11   (4 weeks)
ELIGIBILITY:                        Open to all current high school students: freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors
LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT:   No prior knowledge of Spanish is required
SWIMMING REQUIREMENT:    50meters Free style: 00:36.00 (14 - 15 years old)
                                           50meters Free style: 00:32.00 (16 - 17 years old)

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This unique program in Seville allows US High School students, age 14 - 17 years old, who are swimming back at their schools in the US, to have an international study abroad & swimming experience.

To offer this program the SAIIE study abroad program has partnered with the local Spanish swimming club "Club Náutico Sevilla".

This program is a full cultural inmersion that allows American students who paticipate to not only take Spanish language courses at SAIIE but they are fully inmmersed into Spanish culture through the housing, swimming and cultural program that is set up with other Spanish students (age 14 - 17 years old)



All students participating in our program are placed in carefully screened Spanish homes. Living in a Spanish home is one of the most important aspects of the students’ intercultural experience because it helps to improve language skills and increase cultural awareness, two key goals of the program.

The principal goals of increased fluency in the language and greater familiarity with the culture are an integral element of the experience that SAIIE strives to provide. 

All Spanish families are made up of a married couple with children. All students will receive their host family information 3 weeks UPON ARRIVAL into Seville.
In this program, each US high school student is placed in a Spanish home with a Spanish swimming teammate from the swimming team Club Nautico Sevilla (Age 14-18 years old) or a Spanish student from a local School (Age 14 - 18 years old). This will allow students to really immersed themselves into the culture, practicing the Spanish language on a daily basis not only in class but also with their Spanish teammates or roomates.
Please note:
we will do our best to place each American student with a Spanish student his age but we cannot guarantee this.
Students can easily walk from their homestay to SAIIE, with travel times ranging between 15 and 20 minutes walk. The Club Nautico Sevilla will not be more further than a 15 - 20 minute public bus ride.
All meals are included in program cost.
The host family will provide 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Monday through Sunday.  Days that they are schedule a trip with the program the family will prepare a packed meal. Naturally, adjustments with regard to customs, food, and heat must be anticipated by the students. SAIIE does take dietary and other personal restrictions into consideration when assigning students to their host family.
Internet will be available in all homes.
Each student is allowed 1 load of laundry per week, which is washed by the host family. 
Please note: 
For more information on housing, please contact the SAIIE Director, Samantha Chipres at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. 



Sessions I or II
Hours per week: 15hrs 
Classes: Monday - Friday
Students per class: 6 to 12
Minimun age: 14 - 17
Levels: Students will do an online test before starting the program and they will be placed acorddingly.
Courses: Spanish language classes will be held in the mornings from Mo - Fri (3 hrs per day)



Where will you swim?

At SAIIE we work with the impressive local swimming club at Club Naútico Sevilla. US High school swimmers train with the Sevillian swim team while studying Spanish language at SAIIE!

The prestigious swim team at Club Naútico Sevilla was founded in 1952. Working with swimmers of all levels they have produced an impressive amount of professional international swimmers, including Paralympic athletes. Maite Trueba, Enrique Veiga, and Marta Gómez Battelli are a few of these athletes who have competed in international competitions and have prospered from their time spent at Club Naútico Sevilla.

How does it work?

Students have the option to participate in either sessions I or II. Students in this program will be training from Monday - Friday while taking their Spanish language courses at SAIIE. 

Swimming program for Sessions I or II includes:

  • 2 weeks (Session I) or 4 weeks (Session II) of swimming training sessions
  • 5 weekly training sessions with the swimming club "Club Náutico Sevilla"
  • 1 club hat
  • Free gym membership throughout the duration of the program at Cuesta Sport gym (located in the same building as the SAIIE Center)
  • Bus pass throughout the duration of the program to get to trainings

Why swim in Spain

Swimming in Spain is a unique opportunity not many other swimmers will have. Training with Spanish swimmers in a prestigious Club rewards you by helping you perfect your technique as well as gain a fresh perspective in your sport. Swimming in Sevilla will also allow you to practice your Spanish since many of your teammates will be natives.

Meet the Head Coach

Germán Monterrubio is the Technical Director of Swimming at Club Naútico Sevilla and has had lots of experience in the field of coaching. He was the Head Swim Coach at the Escuela Nacional de Entrenadores RFEN back in 2005 and has an MA in High Performance Sports from the University of Pablo de Olavide in Sevilla. He also has a long history of jobs in the area of coaching and is the Founder and CEO of the agency Fermento Urbano – Freestyle Sports Consulting S. L. that specialises in Sports Sciences and Technology for High Performance in Freestyle Sports, as well as Events Managing. He also studied Sport Management & Physical Education at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland where he picked up some Finnish. 


SAIIE strongly promotes cultural and social activities, because it’s a great tool for students to learn and immerse themselves into the Spanish culture.  Through these activities students will be able to find out more about the city, Spanish customs, culture, language, food, etc, which will complement their education in class.  

These are the following activities offered in Session I and II:

Session I

Welcome dinner with Spanish roomates
Day trip to the beach with Spanish roomates
Visit to the Alcazar palace
Walking tour of Barrio de Santa Cruz (Old Jewish Quarter)
Tapas in Triana neighbourhood
Day trip with Spanish roomates - TBD
Farewell dinner with Spanish roomates

Session II includes all the activities above plus:

2 Day trips with Spanish roomates - TBD
Dinner to celebrate 4th of July at the Hard Rock Cafe Sevilla
Visit to the Plaza España
Visit to the Cathedral of Seville
Farewell dinner with Spanish roomates

Please note:

  • All of these activities students will be accompanied by a minimum of 1 bilingual (Spanish-English) SAIIE staff member + a proffesional tour guide in English





staff Sam

Samantha Chipres
Director and Student Affairs
E-mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.  

Samantha is the youngest of four, following her brother's steps in education: went to the French School where she graduated from High School to later jumping into the American system through SAIIE to finally graduating with a Bachelors degree in International Studies from UW-Platteville. 

In 2007 she began working in SAIIE as Assistant Student Affairs. In 2010, she became the Student Affairs Director; amongst her duties, she organised excursions and cultural activities, served as the 24/7 emergency contact for all students, placed students with corresponding households and roommates, carefully selected host families through a comprehensive interview process and arranged contracts.

In 2016, Samantha moved to London to continue her education and pursued her Master's Degree in International Business at the Regent's University of London. 

With her new role as Director back in SAIIE, her responsibilities are to continue helping in the Student Affairs department, as well as to work with the Planning and Development department in the decision-making process for upcoming projects, developing new strategies and ideas to improve our services for the students and to create potential partnerships with U.S. universities.

"My number one passion is to travel to different parts of the world and getting to know their culture. To be able to be a small part of an unforgettable experience such as studying abroad is an honour. Seeing the students sad to leave Seville and us at the end of the semester means that we have done our job to show them that this city and this program are special".

staff Stuart

Stuart Chipres
Resident Director
E-mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. 

Stuart Chipres was born and raised in Seville (Spain) with a huge international background (Dual-citizenship: American-British). He studied at the French School in Seville for 10 years, and then went on to study at Padres Blancos High School, a well-known private Catholic school in Seville. Once graduated from High School, he jumped into the American system going to the Spanish American Institute of International Education, to finish graduating as a student of the University of Wisconsin- Platteville with an International Studies degree.

In 1999 he began working for the Spanish-American Institute in the accounting department and since then, he has moved through all the departments working in the registrar department, student affairs and academic departments. In 2009 he became the Director of the Spanish-American Institute of International Education.

Fluent in three languages (Spanish, English and French), he loves travelling around the world and has been almost everywhere (US, Asia, Europe and Africa). However, his biggest passions are a clear representation of Andalusian culture: Soccer, Semana Santa, Bullfighting and the overall lifestyle.

"It's a pleasure to share my International experience, views on life and passion for Sevilla with American students from all over the US and different backgrounds. Their transformation is breathtaking and makes me prouder than anything else in my life."


staff SeanSean Chipres
Program Manager
E-mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. 

Sean Chipres graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville with honors in an International Studies degree.

Prior to his studies in the US, he had received his entire education in Seville, Spain. He is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

He began to work for the Spanish-American Institute of International Education in 2001 as the Assistant Student Affairs department. In January 2005 he was promoted to Director Student Affairs.

In 2007 he become the Director of the  Planning & Development department.

Among his duties he's involved in all the marketing and recruiting for the SAIIE program, as well as public relations for SAIIE with other educational institutions. He is also the coordinator of all the athletic programs offered at SAIIE as well as the coordinator of all the faculty led programs we host.

Since 2010 he has been involved in the development of SAIIE cultural immersion program (internships, ONG's, and volunteer opportunities), along with the creation and design of SAIIE’s new website, catalogs, brochures and social media.

In 2012, Mr. Chipres developed a study abroad program for student athletes starting with the soccer program. The sports program for college athletes has been a huge success and now we offer rowing, volleyball, basketball, swimming,rugby and water polo programs for student athletes. 

Since 2014, he has been the Faculty Led Program Coordinator for all faculty led programs hosted by SAIIE.

His biggest passions include travelling and meeting new people from around the world.

“I love my job and international education. The most gratifying part of my job is to see how students evolved throughout their study abroad experience and how they turned into new people after their experience is over, and to know that we played a big part in it”.