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All students participating in our program are placed in carefully screened Spanish homes, usually in pairs. Living in a Spanish home is one of the most important aspects of the students’ intercultural experience because it helps to improve language skills and increase cultural awareness, two key goals of the program.

Naturally, adjustments with regard to customs, food, and heat must be anticipated by the students. SAIIE does take dietary and other personal restrictions into consideration when assigning students to their host family.

The principal goals of increased fluency in the language and greater familiarity with the culture are an integral element of the experience that SAIIE strives to provide. Therefore, all students must live in Spanish homes; that is, no students are allowed to live independently in their own apartments or in any other housing situation that is not approved by and under the direct supervision of the Institute's staff.

Host Family Information  

All students will receive their host family information UPON ARRIVAL into Seville. Our Student Affairs Department will provide airport pick-up.  Host family information is released at the airport pick-up.  If it is the case that students arrive outside the airport pick-up hours, then host family information will be released via email or phone. 

All students will receive their roommate information UPON ARRIVAL into Seville. All students are housed with other students studying abroad at SAIIE. Each student will have 1 to 3 roommates. Students can list another student on the program they wish to house with on their accommodation questionnaire located in their online application. NO roommate information is released prior to arrival. 

Students can easily walk from their homestay to SAIIE, with travel times ranging between 15 and 30 minutes. If students would like to rent a bike while in Seville, the city has an excellent bike rental program called Sevici which many past students have used.

The EUSA study center is located a 20-30 minute walk away from the SAIIE facilities.  If you cycle it takes 10 minutes. 

The host family will provide breakfast and mid-day meals Monday through Friday and evening meals Sunday through Thursday.  The remaining meals must be arranged and paid for out-of pocket by the student. 

Internet may or may not be available in the home, but wi-fi is easily accessible at local cafes and at SAIIE. 

Each student is allowed 1 load of laundry per week, which is washed by the host family. 

Student Testimonials

"The homestay experience was amazing and my Senora generously opened her home to me in a way that made me feel completely comfortable.  She was sweet, kind, loving, and caring."

Angela  Ziolkowski
High Point University
Spring 2015

SAIIE motivates you to travel, learn, and live as a global citizen. You immerse yourself in “la vida Sevillana,” and the experience will never leave you. While taking classes, I saw breathtaking sights, tried many new things, learned about myself, greatly improved my speaking skills, and met individuals who will forever be in my heart. For example, Señora Elena opened her home to me and she is and always will be my second mother. She told me, in Spanish of course, “If you ever return to Sevilla, you will always have a bed in our house!” This is an example of the relationship that SAIIE enables you to have.

Samantha Pratt
Summer 2013

"Living with a family for me was a great and rewarding experience. It helped me become more immersed in the language as well as learn about Spanish culture on a deeper level.  I would recommend living with a family to anyone who wants to study abroad, you will gain a new perspective and outlook on life."

Colleen Henke
High Point University
Spring 2013

One of the most rewarding things that I took away from my study abroad experience was my relationship with my senora. I felt that by living with a Spanish family, my experience went so much deeper than an American student simply learning at a Spanish school. There were so many reasons I loved my senora! She was an amazing cook and I do not think that I would have tried nearly as much of the delicious Spanish cuisine if it were not for her. I was able to talk with my senora if I was feeling homesick or was upset about something that happened during my day. I consulted my senora with questions on homework or on other places to travel around Sevilla. I learned about her family and about her life as a young woman growing up in Spain.

My favorite night of the week was Monday night when we had a weekly date to watch her favorite telenovela. :) The fact that I was able to build this deep, meaningful relationship all in Spanish was something that I took a lot of pride in. Until my senora, I had never had such complex conversations with someone who only spoke Spanish before. I always had the option in class of reverting back to English if I was completely stuck on a word or train of thought. I was finally fluent! Talking to her really helped me to have a lot more confidence in my Spanish skills and I started speaking more to random people throughout Sevilla. I would recommend to anyone thinking about studying abroad to live in a home stay situation!

Chelsea Haase
Fall 2012

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For more information on housing, please contact the Assistant Student Affairs Director, Xiaoxiao Zhang at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. 

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