Rio Azul visit - Beer Brewery in Seville

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Picture taken at the Rio Azul local beer brewery with Mr. Stuart Chipres (SAIIE Director), Mr. Sean Chipres (SAIIE Faculty Led Program Coordinator), and our guests visitors from UW-Platteville School of Agriculture, Drs. Kevin Bernhardt and Kinwa-Muzinga 

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Rio Azul is a small unique local brewery located in Seville. First of its kind, as they are trying to bring a new concept to the southern part of Spain to the Region of Andalucía, introducing the art of craft beer.

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Our visitors from UW-Platteville, Drs. Kevin Bernhardt and Annie Kinwa-Muzinga, from the School of Agriculture had the chance today to learn about the different materials used to make their beer as well as the process involved in the production.

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