Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Check out our Winterim and Spring 2018 Programs!


Our Winterim and Spring 2018 dates have now been confirmed and can be found up on our website! Winterim dates are as follows: January 2nd-January 20th and Spring dates: January 31st-May 11th.

Our Winterim program is perfect for anyone wanting to take a real look into Andalusian culture, through the monuments of  Seville, Cordoba and Granada! It explores the historical, artistic, social & religious backgrounds behind these cities, showing how they have developed into what they are today.

Our Winterim program lets you discover the real story behind Andalusia, and allows students to witness Spanish culture in the most authentic way possible.

Spring programs are also offered by SAIIE, offering students a wider range of courses to choose from. Now, more than ever, our course selection and academic offering is expanding, especially with the latest partnership we have established with the University of Sevilla.

Thanks to our new partnership with the University of Seville, SAIIE now offers 5 academic programs to students during the Spring. Three of these programs are run in partnership with the University of Seville, and one with EUSA (La Escuela Universitaria de Sevilla).

On top of this, SAIIE also runs its own Intensive Spanish Language course. This track is designed for those wanting to focus solely on the Spanish language, perfect for both Spanish majors or students with a low level Spanish, who want to improve. This course promises a total immersion into Spanish, which helps in the development of their own knowledge of the language. The SAIIE-EUSA combined course is another excellent opportunity we extend to our students, with classes taking place at both centres providing an even deeper level of cultural immersion, given that classes in this course are shared with Spanish students and students from other European countries.

The rest of the 3 courses we offer during Spring have all been designed in collaboration with the University of Seville. These courses are: International Studies and Contemporary Hispanic Studies- Liberal Arts, Business and Spanish Language and Culture, and lastly, Advanced Spanish Language and Culture. These programs are there to either offer students their first experience with Spanish culture or challenge them to perfect their knowledge of the Spanish language and everything that comes along with it. Running these programs through the University of Seville means that each course promises an intercultural environment for the American students, giving them the opportunity to study in a Spanish setting, a Spanish university no less- where they are constantly surrounded by Spanish speakers.

If you are interested in any of the Winterim and Spring 2018 programs mentioned above, please visit to find out more information!