Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Our Co-Curricular is better than yours!

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Do you want a study abroad program that goes above and beyond? SAIIE has that covered.

Studying abroad is one thing, but co-curricular activities is another. SAIIE promises all its students a program that will immerse them into the city of Seville, as well as its cultures, customs and Sevillian dialect. SAIIE organises co-curricular activities for its students, to do just this.

Day trips to places like Ronda, Córdoba and Cádiz, weekend trips to Madrid, Morocco and Granada... SAIIE lets you globetrote like no other study abroad program.

We also offer group intercambio sessions now, where students can gain total immersion into the Spanish language.

SAIIE hosts a variety of athletic programs, for those who want to continue their home sports when they come to study abroad with us in Seville. We offer programs in the following sports: soccer, swimming, basketball, volleyball, rowing, water polo and rugby.

Volunteering is another co-curricular activity SAIIE offers. We offer students the chance to volunteer at Padres Blancos, a very well-reputed Catholic school, where our students have in the past helped assist in English classes, looked after the children, practiced sports with them, etc.

Students participating in the SAIIE program also have the option of participating in an internship at a local Spanish company.

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