Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Another Testimonial from Class of Fall 2016!


We asked our Fall 2016 alum, Steven Boutcher from UW-White Water, what he thought about his time in Seville and his experience with SAIIE. He had a lot to say!

Underneath is Steven's testimonial:

My time at SAIIE was an unforgettable experience. As a study abroad program, the opportunities to connect with people and learn were innumerable, and I ended up having a very multi-faceted experience. Within the academics, I came to know a number of colorful and talented professors of Spanish language, culture, and art. By the end of the semester, my knowledge base had broadened considerably, and I had made friends and colleagues out of the professors I studied under. For the language enthusiasts reading this, I learned more about the subjunctive tense in Spanish than I had ever learned in the United States. In terms of housing, the host mother I was set up with was very sweet and accommodating. She only spoke Spanish, so I had plenty of practice. She also made some of the most delicious Spanish food I tasted while in Spain. The living situation was comfortable and I felt at home. If I had to name one thing that I loved about this experience, it would have to be the freedom. The academics are designed to give students plenty of time to explore the city of Sevilla while still learning plenty about the city's culture and language. I leveraged this freedom to engage in various activities and communities. I discovered the parkour/freerunning community in Sevilla and took classes from the coaches at Universo Parkour. I met some students on a European grant program called Erasmus and became great friends with some of them. I attended some language exchanges at a local bar where we helped each other learning English and Spanish over drinks and food. That's just a taste of what's possible in this fantastic program because of the free time we are able to enjoy as students of SAIIE. Overall, I recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their Spanish or learn about Spanish culture, and anyone with a thirst for adventure and new experiences.

We always love to hear positive feedback from our students, thank you for such a wonderful testimonial Steven!

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