Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Calling All SAIIE Alumni!

Facebook post last day 12-12-14

This goes to all the SAIIE-ers out there... Alumni, fear not, we have not forgotten about you! Now SAIIE brings you a LinkedIn group, created just for you. Aren´t you lucky!?

I am sure you have noticed that lately we have been expanding our social media network, our latest being the SAIIE Athletics Facebook page.

Last year, we started this group with the objective of giving you a place to reconnect & share professional experiences. We want this group to act as a platform for you to meet any others who may be working in similar fields to yourself.

It´s here for your benefit, and as our world becomes increasingly techy, LinkedIn will undoubtedly become a crucial element to building the important connections you need to follow your career paths!

So, if you thought your study abroad experience had ended, you will be surprised how SAIIE & the people who shared the same experience may be able to shape your professional life.

On this group, we encourage you to leave small descriptions of any current jobs & if you´re particularly adventurous, add in any past work experiences!

You never know how a fellow alum may be able to help you out in the working world!

To access the LinkedIn group for SAIIE Alumni, click here