Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Rowers, put down your oars!


Row with SAIIE, row in Seville, Spain. It sounds nice, doesn´t it?

That´s because it is nice! It´s more than nice. And here is why my dear rowers! 

If you are an experienced rower, you will know that the conditions of the river and weather are everything. Seville as a city is adapted to make the perfect rowing grounds to train or compete in the sport, and is actually renowned for having the best rowing training facility within Europe.

If you choose Seville, you are promised an all year-round rowing season thanks to the ideal Southern climate it hosts. What makes Seville an even more prime location for rowers is that its River, Guadalquivir, has an eventual end. It is divided off into two sections, meaning no strong currents, creating the perfect waters for rowing. Together, Seville´s weather and water conditions simulate the exact conditions that are set for the Olympics, assuring optimal rowing speed and performance.

SAIIE´s affiliation with the outstanding Club Naútico Sevilla provides an excellent network of reputable and accomplished rowers to train alongside you to develop your rowing skills further.

Finally, the one benefit that is guaranteed when placed on a Spanish rowing team is the opportunity to practice and develop your Spanish. With your teammates being Native Spaniards, your interactions with them will always be in Spanish, giving you sense of total immersion into the Hispanic culture as well as Sevillian dialect. 

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