Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - SAIIE takes Morocco!

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This weekend was all about Morocco, the holy land that is camels, colour and a haggler´s true home!


Morocco begins with a bang. We wake up, eat breakfast and head straight to the Medina of Tetouan, Northern Morocco.  Exploring the markets is first on the list, with our tour-guide taking us through the Medina´s narrow streets that are door-to-door stalls selling everything from herbs, spices, Moroccan fabrics to lots and lots of food. A busy, bustling atmosphere is the best way to describe it. Bright colours everywhere and a different aroma waiting on each street corner. A true Moroccan market!

Next stop, camels! After the market, we travel to find ourselves camel rides. With most of us having never rode or seen any camels before, this was by far the coolest part of the trip. They were massive, very lanky and although a bit grumpy at times, they seemed to smile for all the right photos, and a lot of camel selfies were achieved. All in all, Morocco lived up to its name on day 1!  


Day 2 was a bright and early start so we could fit everything in for our last and final day in Morocco. Leaving the best till last, a trip to Chefchaouen was where we spent our day. This is an old town, home to a strict blue and white colour scheme! Blue and white-washed buildings surround the town, making it truly beautiful and magical. Every street is a photo-opportunity, with all its different blue-shaped doors that come in all shapes and sizes, intricate details on the houses and one wall in particular covered in handprints, each stamped in a different colour on a plain white wall. A dainty little town with a lot of atmosphere!

Overall, Morocco was a big success with all the students! Everyone came back to Seville exhausted but happy, carrying back a lot of colourful Aladin-like Moroccan trousers.

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