Spanish American Institute of International Education - SAIIE - Chase's testimonial

The experience that SAIIE gave me was life changing in its fullest meaning. In addition to the wonderful staff, SAIIE gave me the opportunity to play the sport I love.

I began searching for study abroad programs knowing that I wanted to continue my development as a player in a foreign country. My biggest concern was that the level would not allow me to grow, and prepare myself for my upcoming school season. When I arrived at my first practice with local semi-pro team Triana C.F., I immediately realized I made the right decision.

Chase The level that this team played at was beyond anywhere I had played in my life. Soccer is simply a sport in the United States; in Spain it is a lifestyle that runs deep into the history of the country. This was obvious the moment I stepped on the field. Every pass, every shot, every save, was reflective of a lifetime of perfecting the fundamentals of the beautiful game. This created an amazing learning opportunity for an outsider like me.

Keeping up with the pace was not an issue, it was keeping up with their style. The playing style of the United States is much more physical than that of the Spaniards. However, these players played the game like it was chess. This different style presents a very good learning opportunity for any college player that is looking to improve their game. We would practice 3-4 times per week and were even able to play in a few games against other teams. The first game I played in was against the home club of Spanish legend Sergio Ramos. I never in my life thought I would be able to do something like this.

soccer spain

When I came to the SAIIE soccer program I wanted to drastically improve my game. After returning to the US I can honestly say my skills have improved exponentially. I cannot thank SAIIE enough for this incredible, once in a lifetime experience.

Chase Donley, Lesley University (Spring 2015)